Tone it up!


So we bought this a while ago and started it twice, but let life get in the way from ever finishing. However now we are in full commitment and have been going two weeks strong. This program is insane and gets you sweating each and every night, plus you wake up sore each morning from the different muscles you work each day. It's a beautiful thing. Only 10 weeks to go! Of course then we start all over again with round 2.
The Yoga program on this is awesome; I really love yoga and tai chi! However the music is lame, so I have to play my own. This brings me to my question for anyone else who loves yoga...
Do you know of a great yoga dvd? I bought one a while ago but the music is non inspiring, and the woman's voice is unbearable. So I'm hoping someone knows of a great dvd that has wonderful up to date music.
Thankfully P90X's yoga is amazing, so I can put up with plugging in a separate cd or ipod for the music and mute the program; but it would be nice to have one combined.

So I'm pretty excited to see the end result in 10 weeks from Round 1 of P90X. Maybe Josh and I will take 'After' pictures where we orange up our entire bodies while wearing french cut bathing suits...wouldn't that be beautiful?


  1. Is this P90X fairly reasonable? I have been hearing people mention it, but do not know anything about it myself.

  2. Good luck, however, I'm not sure I want to see Josh in a french bathing suit. ;)

  3. I am dying to see bother of your "after" shots! hahaha

  4. I have heard great things about that workout. That is so fun that you guys do it together, keep up the good work

  5. I love the total yoga series and do it weekly. I haven't noticed the music so I guess it can't be that bad!

  6. if you'd be so kind,
    email me some good tunes :) THANKS


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