Abigail is awesome...


Yep, she is. The other day she grabbed my hand and wanted to go to the back door, so we did. When we got there she pointed and asked for the keys on the hook, so I gave them to her. Then she wanted to open the door, so I opened it. Then she wanted to go to the car. We got in the car; I had her on my lap in the drivers seat, and what does she do?.? She puts the keys in the ignition! So I started her up and we drove around the driveway a few times. She made sure to have one hand on the steering wheel and the other resting on the side of the door.

Needless to say it was pretty darn cute, hilarious, and awesome. she's a smart little one.


  1. It is so funny when you realize how much they watch you, even down to resting an arm on the side of the door. :) Don't you just love those parenting moments? :) (well at least when you see them copy something good, it is less fun when they copy something not so pleasant.)

  2. That is cute. It is amazing to me the things that kids understand. You are a good mom to just go with that and drive her around in the car, I probably would have just said no we can't drive the car.


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