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Josh and I watched this really interesting documentary about Midwives. It focused on the use of a midwife and home/birthing center births. We were amazed as to how much it changed our opinion on the subjects.
I'll be honest, I was too quick to judge the use of a midwife. I assumed they were just there to do the job that I believe the husband should be doing, and since Josh was 100% wonderful in helping me through Abigail's birth, I didn't feel I needed a midwife.
Midwives however do so much more then this, and in fact have gone to medical school for prenatal, labor and delivery, and postpartum needs. Many midwives have worked in hospitals and then decided to have their own practice, which could be the Birthing Centers, or will travel to your home. There are of course non certified midwives, which would not interest me. We would without a doubt use a Certified Nurse-Midwife if we went that route.

Home birth/Birthing Centers:
These have not interested me for two reasons. 1) I like the idea that if there was an emergency we wouldn't have to worry about transferring to the hospital. 2) I haven't been too interested in the thought of all the "mess" of birth in my own home. However, I do like the thought of being in my own element, and think it could be more peaceful and relaxing for a natural childbirth.
I should be saying "WE" since Josh shares the same opinion as I do.
We have no complaints with hospitals, my OB was great, and my nurse during L&D was wonderful. Everything went smoothly and they were very supportive of a natural childbirth. It only took 4 hours to have Abigail from the time I checked in however, so I do wonder if I was there all day, if they would have tried to push the idea of Pitocin; which I would not have wanted. So that's why we're now kind of interested in the idea of a Midwife because she would not push the idea of inducing, in order to get it over with.

Anyways, we have a couple of years before we need to worry about these decisions, but I love thinking about labor and birth. I have found I am a birth-aholic, I love watching natural births, hearing about them, and learning all about the amazing things that happen during this event. We really liked the documentary, and they really did a great job making it since it completely changed our opinion in the hour of watching it! :)


  1. Hmmm, you sure there isn't a reason for you thinking of delivering again?!?

    Funny you should post this as I have been thinking about how much I HATE being in the hospital after having the baby. I love being there during labor & delivery, love my doctor, love the drugs, etc. However, I just detest that it is such a pain to get to leave the hospital and have wondered if I'd ever think of doing an at-home birth, probably not, but since I've always been induced, maybe nto being induced and going natural wouldn't be so horrific.

    Sorry for the long comment!! Just voicing my thoughts!

  2. yeah, definitely not pregnant, ha.

    Natural is not horrific! It's empowering! Of course there is pain, but it's not 24 hours of pain like some women make it out to be. The most painful part is the quickest part and all of the sudden you have your baby and you forget all about the pain!

  3. I have friends that do the midwife thing and they have liked their experience. From what I hear, sometimes a cheaper option, sometimes not, depending on insurance and other stuff.

    But you should know that midwives may and do suggest inducing sometimes. They even suggest drugs, or c-sections sometimes...My friends have had that happen and I recently saw it on 'A Baby Story.'

    My own opinion is a good midwife will suggest what she thinks is best for mom and baby and for a typical labor, I think that is whatever mom wants (and if she has a midwife, she probably doesn't want an epidural :) but when things aren't going as hoped, she would be willing to suggest modern medical options if it would be best for baby.

    You know me, I'm not into extremes so I don't like it when people refuse a c-section because it isn't natural but I also don't think drugs are always the answer.

    I'm a fan a documentaries myself. They usually have an agenda I think so I don't usually trust them 100%, but often learn new interesting things.

  4. Allison,
    the documentary mentioned how GOOD midwives will tell you if you need to be induced or have a c-section when absolutely needed. I appreciated that because I know at times c-sections are a blessing. And ultimately they are wanting what's best for the mom and baby.
    They showed one woman at the end who wanted to go natural, but the baby would not turn, so she ended up having a c-section and of course was just happy to have her baby.

  5. Is it interesting how often documentaries do have an agenda, like you said, regardless of subject.

    “There is nothing in the world like a persuasive speech to fuddle the mental apparatus and upset the convictions and debauch the emotions of an audience not practiced in the tricks and delusions of oratory”

    Funny what we can do with a selective set of imagery and the skilled use of a soundtrack. I remember also hearing someone once say the purpose of oration is persuassion, not to inform - I think that's often true.

  6. Yay for lots of new posts! That's exciting about the possibility of transferring! And I've been reading the book and hope for a natural birth and will prepare the best I can... I hear you though on rushing through it if you wouldn't have delivered so quickly... it seems that getting that baby out asap is the goal! Thanks for letting me borrow the book!
    Totally random, but the three of you were in my dream last night! You came to my work and then all the sudden all of your extended family showed up without your knowledge and decided to celebrate your "Scandanavian and Chezh (sp?) heritage" right there in the showroom! You guys were SO embarrassed but went and got your feather boas and hats from your car and joined! You guys didn't have enough forks so I got you some extra. :) Talk about weird. :)

  7. Simply fabulous. I am nowhere near being pregnant again, but I am on a mad hunt for a midwife. In fact, I found one that takes our insurance, but it will require us changing our PCP, along with a bunch of other hassle, I'm sure. But I will make it happen; that's how little I want to have a "typical ob/gyn" deliver our next one. Glad we can talk about this like crazy and never get bored with one another.

    Your Fellow Birth Story Addict


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