Future goal...


A few days ago Josh and I were talking about his mission; he served in Peru. When he was in Lima he was able to go to the temple every week; some missionaries might not get to go their entire mission. However, when he served in Iquitos he didn't get to go because it would mean a few boat rides, a couple buses, and maybe a hike to get there. That's just not a possibility for the missionaries, with all the work that needs to be done.
So that got us thinking about the fact that there are so many members there, as well as countries all over this world who NEVER get the opportunity to go to the temple. It's such a desire of theirs and they truly want to go, but sadly they do not have the means to get there. We've all heard the stories of the family that sold all their belongings so they could finally go, which is such an inspiration. It really makes you realize how lucky we are to have a temple near by, and reminds us to attend as often as we can. I can't imagine yearning to go my whole life and never getting the opportunity.
So, that brings us to our future goal: One day we're going to help them get to the temple. I don't know when it will be, how long it will take, but some how we are going to get there and provide a way for them to go to the temple. I want everyone to go to the temple and experience those blessings, and the joy that comes from going.
It might sound like Josh and I have a million goals to help save the world, but why not I say!? Of course we can't do it all, but if we can just help even one person, that's planting a seed.


  1. I think you should write down your goals, the prioritize them and then make dates for when you'll get them done, one a year or something.....that way they are more likely to be realized.

  2. Meagan good luck with all your goals!

  3. They announced in our church a few weeks ago, that we can actually write on out Tithing slips that we want the money to go to that exact cause. Just write something similiar to: Expenses for cost of going to Temple for less forunate families.


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