Not much to update...


We've been asked by everyone what the update is on Salt Lake. So I'm posting here so all will see at once.
Right now we are waiting for Josh to be able to meet with his Regional Manager; we're hoping that will be this week, but it could be next week. They will discuss him transferring and talk about open positions in Salt Lake. I believe Josh will just have to do a phone interview rather then needing to travel down for it, but I'm not positive.

So that is that. Once we have more info we will without a doubt let everyone know. We're extremely anxious to move so we'll want to share the news.

This is just one of those waiting waiting processes, we're trying to be patient but it will definitely be nice to be over with and just sitting in our own place starting this new chapter.
UPDATE: Josh just called to say his Reg. Manager called the Salt Lake Reg. Manager about a position that is available right now, and the fact that Josh is wanting to transfer. So that's good, and it's nice to know his Reg. Manager is behind us and truly trying to help Josh get down there.


  1. Hey good, hope it all works out nicely.

  2. Good news on your update - hope it all works out!

  3. Waiting is so hard! Good luck, I am sure it will all work out.


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