Be good to our Earth.
Our goal is to live a complete earth friendly life. We do what we can now; canvas bags, recycle, and one day we're looking forward to getting Hybrids and solar paneling.

One reason we're super excited about moving back to Salt Lake is it's so easy to walk everywhere, and they have better public transportation. Right now we live pretty out there, so if we need to go anywhere, we have to drive. It will be nice to drive less, therefore polluting less! We're also working on getting cloth diapers! Wish we would have done it in the beginning, but we were lame and forgot about the option in all the other commotion of preparing for a baby. :)

I know Heavenly Father loves his earth and wants us to take care of it. I think it's extremely important for us to do all that we can to preserve what we have. Because everything needs to work together to survive; Humans, Animals, and Nature...Circle of Life my friends!
Hmmm, I need to buy Lion King, loved that movie.


  1. Megan I found some reusable diapers on Etsy the other day that are size adjustable! so you don't have to buy new ones for every stage of growth. There are also plenty of comments on how people have liked them. If you go to and type in afterjoy non disposable diapers the options will come up. There are several different colors etc.

  2. maybe Josh could borrow the neighbors horse and use that for transportation till you get your hybrids.

  3. Well, technically, the earth doesn't really need humans or animals to survive...

    Walking averages about four times "as bad" for the atmosphere as using a gas based car (your body draws it's energy from a less efficient source than your car). I don't know I you were being serious about saving the planet but walking/running is pretty bad for it.

    If you feel that lowering emmisions will be of benefit to the planet, one of the best things you can do is stop eating any meat. If you're worrie specifically about greenhouse gases; cows alone are a bigger problem than every car combined.

  4. hmmm, well I'd have to disagree that the earth doesn't need animals since 80% of plants depend on animals for pollination. But my point was mainly that Heavenly Father clearly intended the three elements to work together, and he has told us to take care of this earth.
    I agree that the mass production of cows is an issue, and people should rely on other sources of nutrition then just meat ALL of the time. Too many make that a part of each and every meal. We should do as we're told and become more self reliant.
    I'm just interested in doing my part and making Heavenly Father proud by trying to make this place a better one, in all ways.


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