A hope and dream of ours is to be able to live around the world and help people. Whether it be bringing children shoes, help to build schools, provide food, shelter, mosquito nets...we want to do it all! There are so many people around this world who have it far worse then we do and I think if we were to all take the time to get lost in the service of others, we would forget about our own troubles more.
My mind races constantly thinking of all the things we can do to help all around us. We know that somehow we can and will make this work with Josh's career, it is definitely possible, it's just a matter of getting there! Our hope is to do this with our kids so they can be involved in a life of service; to see all the great things you can do for others. Something as simple as providing a used pair of shoes to a little boy can impact even YOUR life greatly! We know the world will not be completely at peace until it's over, but we want to do the best we can to bring as much peace as we can to anyone we meet.
We just feel like our lives are meant to help people, animals, and the earth in any way possible. Life is so much happier when you are helping others and forget yourself and your problems. We can each find someone who is in more need then ourselves.
I've been researching and trying to plan future endeavors, who knows how far away these adventures are, but we will definitely get there!

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  1. That is something I think is great about Relief Society. I know it doesn't feel big and sometimes I want to go do something that feels 'big' but when I think about it, the service I can give to my visiting teaching people is just as important. Or those humanitarian aid super Saturdays, I think those are great. I've always wanted the cool job of delivering the goods, but realize the part of making it is just as important if not more.


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