Blasted teeth...


The past week or so has been a bit rough and stressful. Poor Abigail has been getting a total of 6 teeth (4 molars, 2 canines) within the past few weeks...really?!?! As awesome as it is for her, and myself that she can eat basically anything she wants with these chompers, I think she deserves a break.
Last week she got a fever which lasted a few days, and this week she is just not having it; I'm sure she's had enough of the aching. And it doesn't help that we are stuck inside from this wretched wind that is driving us both mad. Please arrive HOT weather!!
So we haven't been up to much besides trying to keep her as happy and comfortable as possible, and we are indeed extremely ready for some fun in the sun and a move forward.
Hopefully we'll have some pictures or something to post about soon.
Oh, she does say "Oh Boy" which is pretty dang cute.


  1. That is cute that she say oh boy! Silas says "just a min" all the time LOL. Yes I got your message about the friend list, I decided not to do it. I would have Abigail's hair trimmed, or you could even do it. Just cut the back so that it will grow evenly. Trimming will not help it grow faster but it will look nicer as it grows.

  2. Have you tried baby orajel?

  3. I've never used them, but have heard people swear by Teething Tablets (family members as well as friends), they're supposed to be more natural, I believe, so you may like using them more than the analgesics out there. I know Walmart and I think Albertsons sells them. Good luck!

  4. i bet the 'oh boy' is so cute in her tiny voice.

    hope she feels better soon.

    and abigail does have great blue eyes. (i'm being lazy and commenting here instead of lower posts)

  5. Oh! That is rough. Poor gal.


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