Happiness all around...


Plenty to write. Hope you enjoy the novel!

On the 12th, my adorable new niece, Isla Cassie Thomas, was born. I just love her name and we are extremely excited to hopefully meet her in the near future. And we are all anticipating more pictures, Allison ;)
The 13th my brother in law, Jeremy, was baptized!! It was a really special and amazing day for all of us, but especially him. We are all so proud of him and this amazing decision, and can not wait for the day that he and his family get to be sealed together. Jeremy has always been a kind, caring, and sweet person and I am just so very proud and ecstatic for him.
This past Sunday he received the Priesthood! :) I love how all these blessings we are able to receive take just a minute of our time, but so much comes from them.

The same night as the baptism, Josh and I had to leave for the US Bank auction party. Sadly we had to miss the confirmation which was a pretty big bummer, but we were grateful to witness the baptism at least. We were pretty excited about this event because it was our 2nd date ALONE since Abigail was born. And the fact that Josh has been working so hard the past year to get to this event! We really missed Abigail the whole night, but it was nice to have that time together.
The food was pretty awesome, along with this chocolate truffle cake thing that was scrumdidlyumptious. However the highlight of the evening...Josh won a TV!!! It's a Sony Bravia flat screen.
Let me express how happy I am for Josh for his big win. Every Monday we go to BestBuy and look at tv's, never intending on buying one because we would rather save our money. He's had the same tv since he was 17, and we had planned on just giving it to the D.I. when we moved so we didn't have to move it. We figured one day we'll buy another tv, but we really don't watch much television so it's not at the top of our list. However, Josh really has wanted a new tv for quite some time, so when he saw that it was one of the auction prizes, he jumped right on that.
As soon as it came up for bid, he knew he had won it because the two other people who had more "money" then him had already spent most of it, therefore leaving him with the most now. I was so happy the moment they say "sold" and I had an extremely happy husband. Not only did he get his TV, but he got it for FREE!! The "Money" they had was from points they had earned through out the past year, by opening up accounts, loans, credit cards, etc. The "money" he had left over, he turned in and was given a gift card or something.
It was a pretty fun night. He was able to build more of a rapport with his Regional Manager, hang out, relax, laugh, and mess around. The tv gets shipped to us, so I can only imagine that "blessed" day for our family ;) Though we will probably keep it packed up for the move.

We were pretty tired by time this photo was taken. Amazing how 11pm feels so late after you have a baby.

Abigail did a WONDERFUL job with her aunts, uncles, grandparents, while we were gone. She was very laid back and sweet...we love and appreciate her sweetness. Thank you everyone for taking care of her and keeping her safe!

Next up: Abigail's doctors appointment. Weight: 18% and Height: 46%
Our little El Tigre is doing great, and the nurse said Abigail's shot was the best she has ever given to a child...she just sat there and watched the whole thing, never making a sound...she's awesome!

We had a St. Patrick's day dinner at my sister in law's and I finally tried corn beef...to my surprise, that stuff is good! I am actually making it for the first time tonight since Josh had to miss the party, and LOVES corn beef. So we shall see how that turns out; thank you crock pots.

We went to Alice in Wonderland with some of my family. This was now our THIRD date...yes that's right, 2 dates in 1 week...impressive I think ;)
Being Netflix members (love it), we had not been to a theater in about 2 years. We do not miss the prices, but it was fun to go anyways. The 3D was kind of tripping for our eyes. We kept the sweet glasses.
um, I'm pretty sure there was more I wanted to write, but now after writing all of this, my mind is blank. have a fabulous day.


  1. that's nice that everything is going well for you guys right now. I love abligail's polk a dot dress!

  2. That is great news about your brother in Law. How nice that you and Josh were able to get out and have some time together.

  3. Happy, happy, happy, happy post! Free TV = awesome! I do have a question though... you go to Best Buy EVERY Monday? Is this your version of FHE?!


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