The weather has been AwEsOmE. Josh had the past couple of days off, so we had an extra long weekend together which was SwEeT. We fed geese at the Park, and Abigail of course wanted to catch the birds, so we had to watch her because I don't need a video of my daughter being chased and pecked at by a goose...unless we could send it to AFV and win 10 grand?.?

We spent the past couple of days packing as much stuff as we can, and 25 bins later we are pretty much ready to go, we just need a transfer call. We THINK it will be this month, but there is no For Sure answer yet. When it comes to packing though, Josh and I do not like to wait last minute, you might even call us Packing Pro's ;) Everything in specific bins, marked and labeled. We like to have it done ahead of time and live with as little as we have to until the moving day, so we can just throw it in the truck and get on with it. Oh, and Space Bags... awesome my friends.

I have photos, and videos that I would love to upload. However, we lost our laptop...may it rest in peace. So our DaNcE video is on that, which means we'll have to wait until we can transfer all that was on that hard drive on to a one day new computer. That however won't be until Utah since we'd rather wait until After the move.

I can still use this computer at the house so I'll try to get some photos of Abigail up soon, because she is fabulosa. We're pretty sure she could be a great Care Taker. She loves to wipe up, sweep, vacuum, and she really loves to rub your back; which is great when you've had a rough day and she makes you feel better.

-Still makes sure she says 'Hi' to every soul she comes in contact with, and will continue until you respond back to her.
-Dances her heart out, which includes spinning now, and she loves it.
-Runs, doesn't walk.
-Signs 'I love You' every night which, well, is pretty awesome and makes my entire day.
-Loves to "talk" on the phone constantly. She walks around the house and has a conversation.
-Loves to read EVERY book, over and over. I hope she keeps this up.
-This girl loves Birds, and can spot one a mile away.
-She can throw like nobody's business. She loves to play catch.

There are plenty of other things I love about this little one of ours, but I need to cLeAn and do my wifely duties. Have a fAnTaBuLoUs day.


  1. Abigail sounds like such a cutie. I hope you get the call soon, since you are ready!

  2. Good luck with the move! Hope you hear soon!

    I think Dorothy and Abigail would love each other. I'm glad that my child is not the only one that says "hi" to any and all that will listen and respond. It sure makes running errands with her more interesting:)

  3. Oh my heck, I love hearing about Abigial... she sounds so hilarious and awesome. And signing 'i love you'... heart-warming!!

    Good luck with the wait... hopefully you'll be here sooner than later!


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