Life lately...


We went to Camel's Back Park. Abigail looked adorable in her Little Mermaid shirt; the one girly thing about me growing up...passing it on. Abigail and I even got a little sun on our cheeks, very nice. She could swing and go down the slide all day long.

Kristin and Koen came from SLC!! She wanted to get her hair done here in Boise, and we needed a car taken to Salt Lake, so it worked out perfectly! I picked them up from the airport and made a sweet sign so they could find me in the "busy" Boise airport. Good times.

It was fun having them here, and just made us even more anxious for Salt Lake. We of course fit in a Girl's Day; Koen was quite the ladies man hanging out with 5 sweet chicks. Abigail loves Koen and was always trying to help him in some kind of way, whether it be giving him a pacifier, wiping his face, or rocking him. Clearly we will not have a problem with her loving him in Salt Lake. Thank you Kristin for driving our car back!
Life has just been busy running around, organizing, and getting ready. That bird is still at our house, continually hitting the window...apparently it has many issues. I called the Vet and Bird Center, but they had no clue how to get rid of it. C'est la vie, crazy bird.
That's about all I have time to write, but soon I will need to post a video of Abigail's "smiling"; it's pretty awesome. Blogging might need to take a break for the next few weeks though.


  1. Love Abigail's shirt ;) (i bought it right?) And I love the sign too.

    I hope everything goes smoothly.

    Someone post a picture of Kristin's hair.

  2. We had a lot of fun hanging out this week! We look forward to seeing you again very soon! :D


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