Where to begin...


The past few weeks:

I gave a Book of Mormon to our neighbors.
Moved back to Salt Lake, FINALLY!
Turned 25.
Josh was able to get completely registered for school.
Abigail is in a toddler bed now.
Enjoyed snuggling with Abigail; a rarity.
Fell in love with Josh's new schedule.
Held a baby bunny.

Enjoyed sweet, succulent Cafe Rio.
Caught up with family and friends.
Enjoying our new ward.
Attended RS for the first time in months, months, months.
Ran around like crazy trying to get things unpacked, organized, and back to normal.
Learned that Abigail can down chips and salsa; medium heat.
Became way too addicted to Birth Story.
Ate frozen yogurt with Elder and Sister Holland.
Danced at Leatherby's.
Planted a garden.
Celebrated our 4th Anniversary.

We were able to find a place pretty quickly. We really love the view.

We love our ward; it's small compared to most Utah wards. There are 4 kids in the nursery, so my daughter won't get forgotten about! Plus the other teachers don't load the kids up with sugar! Music to my ears. Josh and I were called to be the other teachers; you go every other week. She did really great her first week! Next week will be our first.

Having Abigail in her toddler bed has been fun for us. We love the fact that when she's ready to get up in the morning, she just comes running to our room to get us. Probably the best thing to wake up to is your little daughter staring at you with a big smile.

Josh is loving his new branch. He's happy to be back at a Traditional Branch with normal hours again; his wife loves it too:) He enjoys all of this coworkers which is always a plus.

Things are going nicely and we're enjoying being back here and seeing everyone again. We're pretty excited to enjoy the beautiful Salt Lake outdoors with Abigail. Once Summer semester begins Josh will be in school full time and working full time, so we will be soaking up as much "Josh Time" as possible before we rarely see our man for the next few years.

Well kids, that is all I have in me now. There is plenty more to write and update, but that will happen another day. I'm spent.


  1. Glad to hear you are getting everything settled. I hate moving, it's nice yours in going well.

  2. Good luck Josh!

    Glad things are going well for you guys. Sounds busy but sounds like you have enjoyed yourselves. I too love it when Rees comes out of his room in the morning and looks for us (though we usually are already awake).

    Are you wearing skinny jeans? My mother-in-law bought me jeans last week, but I'm just not ready for those skinny jeans yet. :)

  3. Sounds like everything is a dream come true down there. Glad it has worked out so well! How is Josh doing full time work & school? That sounds rough. Hope it goes by quickly!

  4. Whats the story with the bunny?

  5. Sounds like you've been having a great time! Keep it up... summer semester and summer HEAT will come much too quickly!


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