Small update...


(Revised: Added photo)

I wanted to add this photo for my mom so she could see Abigail's sweet shades. Abigail picked these out herself and loves them to death. She wouldn't wear any other pair we tried putting on, but man was she hooked to these instantly. Now we can protect those big blue eyes.

Crazy enough, yes, that is me in a purple shirt. A mighty big deal if you know me well. Just the right shade to be accepted into my closet.

Josh started school a few weeks ago. He's doing great, though he's excited to move on and take some more challenging classes; sounds a bit crazy since he's doing all of this full time.

We've been able to enjoy the outdoors a lot more lately which has been nice.
I'm training for a Half Marathon this Autumn (I like that word better then Fall) with my sister, Kristin. I think we're going to do a 10K for Pioneer Day.

Fathers Day was nice. We went with the Williams' to Park City for a picnic, and then had a most delectable ice cream cake that Kristin and I made. Abigail could have cared less about the food, because she had a huge baseball field to run around in and dogs to chase :)

And some running news. I, along with my sister Kristin, are putting together a team for the Ragnar Relay Series 2011!! Pretty dang excited. I came across this a couple weeks ago and instantly knew I had to do this. I went straight to Kristin and she loved the idea as well. So we're on the hunt for Utah running friends to join our team. We are up to 6 people so far, and possibly a couple more.

Well that's just a quick update. I'm hoping to post some videos and pics soon.


  1. I like the shirt. Good luck with all the running. And glad Josh is doing well with school.

  2. You look like a happy family. The only thing to make it more complete would be for Abigail to have sunglasses too.

  3. Congrats on the "right shape." I wish I had a shape, besides a stick.

  4. I am unaware of your purple distaste. I must say that is a beautiful color on you.

  5. That relay sounds awesome!! My goal is to run a 5k by fall, maybe one day I can be as tough as you! Good luck!

  6. Those funny glasses that Abigail has reminds me of Willy Wonka :)


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