1 year till the big 3-0...


yep, Josh turned 29 on Friday! Which means I have a year to plan an awesome 30th.

On his actual birthday we had a nice relaxing family day, enjoying Chinese food, and a sandwich buffet at home; that was his requested bday dinner. It was kind of awesome and I think I'll be doing that more often for big get-together. Josh was even nice enough to blow out a candle; he's not a big birthday guy. I on the other hand LOVE birthdays, so I am grateful he is willing to celebrate for me :)
Then Saturday we went with some friends (Nick & Court) to Homestead Crater to swim. It's kind of neat, though warm to swim in for too long. However it was awesome to watch Abigail because she is like a fish. She just jumped right in over and over (she's an independent one), and especially loved the huge orange "balls".
Then (thanks to some birthday money) we went to Rodizio Grill. I always hope I can eat a lot more then I actually am able to, but it's good all the same:)
I think Josh enjoyed his birthday weekend, and I am pretty excited for next year. Now it's time to plan Abigail's 2nd, which is in under 2 weeks!
Happy Birthday Josh kosh b-gosh.

Abigail decided to put on mascara to look nice for the big day...I think she did a good job for her first (and last, for quite a few years) time.

Then while making a birthday card, she decided she would be a red head...she does love Ariel;)

Looking pretty dang cute in a life jacket, and ready to go jump in.

I think we're lookin pretty good in our fluorescent jackets as well.


  1. The water is soooo clear, it's pretty. Seems like a neeat place.

  2. Glad Josh had a good birthday.

    Sandwiches are a great option for group meals! I'm now in the mood for a good sandwich with crisp lettuce, tomatoes, alfalfa....I better stop because I can't go to the store today to buy those things. :)

    Was it hard getting the red out of Abigail's hair?


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