Shipping Kevin off...


Well it's official! We dropped Kevin off at the MTC last Wednesday and he is now officially serving his mission. Awesome. It's bazaar to think I won't see him for 2 years (well I guess there is a chance still), but I know it will fly by and he'll be home and grown up before we know it. I'm so excited for him and this time in his life. I know it will be an amazing experience and a tremendous blessing for him. Kevin will be a great missionary and help so many people out there.
Abigail loves Kevin, and when we left after dropping him off she kept calling "Kevin, Kevin". Which kind of made me sad for a second, but we'll continue to show her pictures and tell her stories to remind her who he is. It's crazy to think she'll be 4 when he gets back; twice as old!


  1. I think it is hard to see family leave, especially when your children enjoy them so much.

    I hear Kevin is sending letters home, we have to remind Mom to post these on the blog.

  2. It was nice you could be there when he left. Oh and I love your skirt in the picture.


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