Thanksgiving Point...


We took Abigail to the farm place at Thanksgiving Point and she loved course loved seeing all the animals. We even had her ride a pony, thinking it wouldn't last long, but she loved it! Perfect weather, perfect day since school was in session, so it wasn't busy, wonderful day.

I just thought this bunny had awesome eyes. It's mastered the smokey look.

This guy was a bit creepy at first because I turned my head and there he was, staring at us with his big yellow slit eyes. Thankfully he was gentle and allowed Abigail to pet him.

Most would use this to wash your hands, but a drinking fountain...why not.

Not sure why this uploaded so wide and pixely, but her face is really filled with excitement:)


  1. Awesome. And I love that she is drinking out of the hand washing fountain. :)

    Rees just went on a pony ride too and loved it. It was so fun to watch. Even better was the brother and sister behind him, the boy was dressed as a cowboy holding his hat like a real cowboy and his sister had a bonnet on. It was great.

  2. I love the rabbit, she looks like cleopatra :) Abigail is getting big...she's almost 2!


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