Just Do(ing) It!!!


Instead of just talking about finishing school, I've decided I'm finally ready to JUST DO IT!! I'm pretty excited. Although I am not 100% thrilled about having to finish at the BC. 

I will be switching programs. I went to the BC for Interior Design; which I loved and was fortunate enough to work in the field, but I will be switching to General Studies (Transfer) in order to prepare myself for....

Pretty positive I want to graduate in Counseling Psychology, specifically Marriage and Family. This requires a Ph.D or a Psy. D, so my friends, it'll be years to come, but mark my words, it will happen! A) Being a mom will always be #1. B) I'm sure some feminist would hate me saying, but Josh's schooling needs to come before mine, and I truly believe that, especially since being a mother will always come first for me.

I am not waiting for him to gradate to get started back in school, I just won't be going full time. Which sounds kind of nice actually.

While at the BC I took a Psychology class and was instantly drawn to it. I loved everything about it and I did pretty great in the class thankfully:) And in the past many years I have always thought about it. I love listening to people, and their problems, concerns, ideas. I love to help people with their problems, concerns, ideas, etc. I feel like I'm pretty good at reading people and sensing when things are wrong, etc. I think in the end I would love to help people within the church. I'd like to be that LDS Psychologist who, for example, tells you how to deal with an issue in a moral, healthy way, rather then a more "modern" (against our beliefs) kind of way...if any of you understand what I mean? ;) Among many other issues. I want to HELP PEOPLE!

So that's it friends. Hopefully in 20 years I will have graduated with a Ph.D in Psychology and I'll be able to just make all of your problems disappear ;)...right?
Also, happy 6 years to my lover!


  1. So fun to catch up on all your posts!!! And woot for Psycology! Will you start next semester?

  2. Congratulations!! I encourage everyone to finish school...one day I will be done too.

  3. Wow, what an accomplishment that will be! Good luck with going back to school and doing what you want to do. I'm always impressed with moms who want to continue their education so good for you!

  4. the first step to achieving your goals is to write it down, clearly you've done that here so you're on your way to success! It doesn't matter how long it takes either. So it the words of fashion genius Tim Gunn "make it work"

  5. Good for you! No, I think you are super smart for finishing at the BC, it was the best thing I ever did! Math, English, and everything else is so much better there than at a University (so I've heard)! I have some friends who graduated in social work and they love it! They did their internships at LDS family services and got jobs that way. Good luck to you!

  6. I love the fact that you have set your goals high. I got my masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and have never regretted it. After the kids have grown I want to continue on as well. Maybe school psychology. I'll be excited to hear how it goes!


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