Good FREE times...


Josh won tickets through work for a Jazz game last night!! We've been wanting to go to a game together, we just haven't wanted to spend the money on it, so this was wonderful to be able to go without the cost. In the end they lost, but it was still a great game. They were close the entire time, had a lot of good plays, and well, if it's free, there is nothing to complain about right! It was really nice to get out for a date night and spend some alone time together. Plus we met this really sweet woman who was sitting next to us; I love how you can make friends with a complete stranger, even though you'll never see each other again. And Josh basically lost his voice from cheering :)

He also enjoyed this hummer of a hot dog. Something about going to a game requires a hot dog, nachos, and a coke.
Some friends from our ward watched Abigail and she did great! They have a little boy close to her age and they get along wonderfully. Taking after her mommy and hanging out with the boys :)
In other news, I just enrolled in my first class in four years! I'm pretty excited about it, and a little nervous. It works out perfectly with Josh's schedule. I'll be going on Tue/Thu nights at 6:40pm, and he gets out of class on those days at 6:30. So I'll drive to the school with Abigail, switch cars, and head to class. If I'm lucky, I might be able to take an online class, but we'll see. It's just nice to officially be going back to school!!


  1. Woohoo for free sweet dates!!!

    Jeff & I went to a basketball game once and the next day he and other men bore their testimonies, with scratchy voices from yelling so much. :) (happy yelling)

    What is on that hot dog? It looks heavy.

    Good luck with school.

  2. That is one serious hotdog....

  3. Some people just have all the luck. It couldn't have happened to a nicer couple though.
    Are you sure there is a hot dog under there?

    What class will you be taking, Meagan? I admire you for continuing your education.

  4. I loved going to Jazz games!! How fun that you got to go for free. I am so excited for you that you're back in school. Keep us updated on how it's going!

    P.S. YES!!! You should definitely move out here. Preferably in the next 18 months!


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