La Caille...


This, is La Caille. It is one of my favorite places.

A friend of mine took me here years ago when I was feeling low, and instantly I was filled with happiness when a bunny hopped across the lane and a peacock wandered around on the grass. Like a hidden paradise.

Anyways, I've always wanted to go here for dinner. However, I haven't brought myself to feel okay about spending $65 a plate quite yet. One day.

So when Court let me know about this, "masquerade ball", that Dillard's Fragrance was throwing there, I jumped on that band wagon! The hoeur dourves and desserts floating around were delectable, but honestly the food could have been take out and I would have just been happy to be there. It was as adorable and gorgeous inside as I expected. We will definitely be attending this party every year. I guess they used to hold it at Dillard's, but this year they decided to try La Caille, and of course it was a big hit!

It was tons of fun; I was kind of in heaven. And really great to have a girls night!

We each got the same perfume (Jessica's Fancy) that came with these bags, and all sorts of other little goodies.

I look like a rabbit in this photo, but it'll have to do.

While I was away from home, Josh and Abigail had a daddy-daughter date and went to Pei Wei together :)

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