NERD Halloween Party!!!


We decided to throw a Nerd Halloween Party! Our parents did years ago, and we thought it would be a fabulous idea this year.

It was so much fun! Everyone looked awesome, and I was really happy with how the placed turned out with all the decorations. We played a ridiculous amount of games, and stayed up way too late, but it was worth it! And the three babes did awesome the entire night!
Everyone brought a certain dish, and all the food was DELICIOUS!!

Our Menu:
(Sadly we only have pictures of a couple items, but it all looked sooo good!)
Sea Monster Sandwich
Witch's Warts (Meatballs)
Cured Epidermis (Lion House Wraps)
Pureed Organs in a squash (Cream Cheese Dip)
Baked Flesh Rolls (Pizza Rolls)
Dessicated Brains (Popcorn Balls)
Devils' Chocolate Bats (Devil's Chocolate cupcakes w/cream filling)
Vampire's Venom (Punch)

Thank you EVERYONE for coming and making it such a blast!!

Now...onto the next party to plan! After some much needed rest.

Time for PHOTOS!!


Gettin lucky
"Dwight & Angela" (love it!) Eric & Nicole

"White & Yellow Ranger" Nick & Court
They made SWEET helmets for the costumes that sadly broke..but just know they would have been amazing.


"Snape & Hermione" Hema & Norma

Anthony, Jessica, & Liam the clown. Amazing "mom" jeans Jessica.

CW & Lyndsie. Who now, thanks to Jessica, is "Taylor Swift".

yummy cupcakes

pizza rolls and meatballs in background (those meatballs were awesome Nicole!)
Everything was awesome!


More decorations

And the beloved Flour game. We all had to dig in at some point, but CW was our unlucky one of the night.

Until Next Time!


  1. You put a lot more into your nerd party than we ever did. Looks like tons of fun. Well done!

  2. Looks like everyone had a good time, and glad to hear the kiddos have fun also. You're all surely a bunch of nerds.

  3. We had lots of fun : ) Now.. on to the next party!!! "Under the Sea" theme? haha... yeah right

  4. I love Jessica's mom jeans, just perfect.

    Fun to see the different takes on 'nerd.'

    I love evenings like this.

  5. What a fun party idea. I LOVE throwing theme parties, they are so fun. I have a back room full of so many decorations I'm not allowed to my anymore...hehehe :)


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