Catching up...


The past couple of weeks:

We saw Harry Potter and it was awesome!!! Aside from the weird Harry and Hermione scene, which was not needed, they really stuck to the book! I of course cried a few times. For those who have not read the books or have not seen it yet, I won't go into detail, but they could not have made that last scene with a special someone any more depressing!!!! I tried to prepare myself, but I lost it straight from the beginning.
Thanksgiving was nice with just the three of us. Good food, good company. Right as Josh and I were getting everything ready to go and put on the table, Abigail gave out...

but she did enjoy her food later :)

I just liked this kind of diva look photo ;)

We got tons of snow, 14+ inches. It was pretty though.
My parents came into town and we hung out for a few days. Abigail enjoyed playing with her nanna and papa :)

Cooking with nanna

We all went to Temple Square for the lights, and Abigail was so excited!! She had been asking to go to the temple for awhile, so when we finally walked on grounds she was in heaven, running around as free as a bird. Next time, I will take cocoa. I'm sure we'll be making a few trips to the lights for El Tigre.

it's also really great to have my voice back!

Things have been a bit more calm and relaxed around here which has been really nice. For the first time, we got a REAL Christmas tree, and I have to say I am kind of in love with it. I like artificial since they're quick and easy, but the I am in love with how good our place smells with this tree in here! Makes me want it the whole year! And taking care of it has not been a pain like I expected, in fact it's been quite easy. We got a Grand Fir, if that makes a difference.?.? I highly recommend it because they are soft, full, and beautiful! Also, crazy cheap at Home Depot!!

So the past little while has been spent decorating, and relaxing!! And I found out that I got into another class next semester, an online course. yeah!!

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  1. That was a nice catch up. I love seeing Mom & Dad with their grandkids, so cute, big smiles.

    I wish we could take Rees to see the lights at Temple Square, so much fun.


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