Temple lights, take two...


Abigail LOVES the lights at Temple Square so I am pretty sure we'll be going there a few more times this winter. It's free, gets you in the Christmas spirit, and there is plenty of room for Abigail to run free and use up some energy.

Nick & Court, whom Abigail treats as her parents when they're around, and forgets all about us ;) I am grateful to have a child who falls in love with our friends, it really helps out.

Our tree, pre-trimming and decorating. It's been a couple weeks since getting it and I am still in love. I think we'll be sticking with a real tree each year!

Our ward had an adult Christmas party this year and I am so happy we were able to go! I am thankful to such great friends who are always willing to watch Abigail.
This is just a simple photo from a point and shoot, but I loved how much effort the committee put into decorating and preparing this evening. They do a wonderful job when it comes to the ward activities, and really put all they have into it.
Plus they always have different choices of food which makes me happy. I grew up with funeral potatoes and ham at ward parties, but they always do something different, and yummy!

Pretty centerpieces.

It was really a nice evening. It gave us a great opportunity to FINALLY meet other couples our age, and we had a great time talking with them. Since we are no longer in nursery, and this next school semester isn't as hectic, I think we'll finally get the chance to really get to know the people in our ward. Agh, run on sentences are horrible, I apologize.
And, Josh is finished with finals!! This past semester has been one we've been happy about getting over with. Now we can focus on all the fun festivities!!!!


  1. Fun night for sure : ) I'm thinking the best part was when Abigail started stealing strollers.. or maybe even the fact that the strollers outnumbered people 3 to 1... Welcome to Utah!

  2. Wow, impressive decorations. I am sad that the church is doing away with activities, with the auxiliaries in charge I can just imagine what our future ward parties will be like...

  3. The Christmas party sounds like a nice evening. And I like that they try to have a variety of foods, yum.

  4. What fun decorations for a Ward Party. Glad you will be able to meet some people from the Ward now.


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