back to school.


I can not express how fantabulous it is to be back in school! I know this 'high' of loving homework will not last forever, so I am going to soak it in as long as I can. It feels great having projects to do, and working hard towards a degree again.
Currently I am taking an online English class, which is great since I can do that at night, or just find extra time. And a Photography class; mainly for fun since I love photographs, and finding art in places others may not. That is in the evenings, so I drive to school, pass Abigail to Josh just as he is getting out of his last class, and run up to mine. This allows for some alone time for Josh and Abigail.
Being able to still be a stay at home mommy AND go to classes is such a blessing. It helps me have time for myself, which helps me be a better mother. We all know how precious it is to have that time alone where you can meditate and just have peace and quiet, even if it is just the car ride home.


  1. Glad your enjoying class

  2. That is exciting! Enjoy your new classes


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