DI Find...


I love the DI. Way back when Josh and I were probably dating, I saw his obsession with the DI, and it made no sense to me. Thrift stores were just not enjoyable in my opinion; I blame the smell. After a couple years of weekly trips with him, it started to grow on me, and now it's fabulous. It's a great place to go for household items, toys, books...

Case and Point #1:
This violin! It's beautiful, and in brand new condition. It came with the case, new and extra strings, microfiber cloth, and rosin. And of course, being at the DI, it was an awesome deal! I would say it's a 1/2 size, so we got it in case Abigail decides to play. I play my violin for her, so we'll see if it sparks an interest.

Case and Point #2:
This sweet art set. I had one when I was a kid and LOVED it, and Abigail was ecstatic when she saw this puppy. It's only missing a few things like watercolors, paint brush, and a pencil.

So hop on over my friends! You never know what you'll find!


  1. I think the DI's in the Salt Lake area have lots better stuff than here in Nampa. I've quit shopping at the Nampa DI, their prices are too expensive and most of the clothes are in need of much repair. Good job on your finds! I had a great day at GoodWill Wednesday, I love finding great stuff at second hand stores!

  2. We just went to Goodwill last night and I got a pair of brand new shoes for $2, I was so excited.

    We also love to find toys for the kids there, so much cheaper and Rees doesn't care they are used.

    Love the violin, I hope Abigail plays it sometimes.


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