abigail picked everything on this hat, from the colors to the pretty button. she was pretty excited about wearing it once i finished.
and i just liked her funny expression on this one

i just finished these two pieces. the headband i made for abigail, there are three white stripes across it (different sizes). and the hat i just made to make, it fits an adult. i myself will not wear it just because this one is just a bit too cutesy for my taste, so if you want it, let me know, you can have it!

i am having fun trying to learn new things, and hope to keep doing so. maybe once i get a sewing machine i can make even more creations.
anyways, please tell me your honest opinions on these three pieces.
thank you!


  1. BARF!!

    ; ) Kidding! I actually really like the way the one Abigail is wearing turned out. Nice work my friend : )

  2. They are way cute. A couple of ladies from my ward are going to teach those who want to learn how to crochet next week, I can't wait to try to learn, though I don't know if I'll be able to figure it out!! I'm so jealous -- I wish I had more free time to make more creations. Oh well, I figure I'll have more time on my hands when I have grandkids!!

  3. the black one with pink flower is adorable!!!!
    but in my opinion only for little girls.

  4. These look like you have been crocheting for years. Well done!
    Seeing Abigail, just makes me more anxious for March 19th to get here.

  5. I think that those hats are adorable and Abigail is a cute model.'
    I enjoy reading the postings that you all put on.

    We are axnious to see all of you but especially all the ggrandkids.


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