trains and planets.


we put the solar system up in el tigre's room and she loves all the planets. she knows which one saturn is, and she's getting close on a couple others. they also glow in the dark. it came with a packet that gives you information on each planet (pluto included) which has been quite interesting to read and relearn. for instance, i think it's mercury that is made of metal. i did not know this. and it takes 84 earth years or so for uranus to orbit the sun. anyways. cool stuff, go and learn :)

she also loves trains and fire trucks. you should see the excitement in this child's eyes when she hears or sees one. and yet another reason i love the DI...this train set for a whole $3! she was delighted to see it chugging along and hearing it whistle. it's the first thing she wants to see when we get home, and the first thing she wants to see when she wakes up.


  1. where did you get that solar system?? Kali LOVES the planets and that would be great to have up in the kids room.
    My kids also LOVE trains... we have a train table, Abigail needs to come over and play soon.

  2. Where did you get the tell, Silas would love that

  3. We got them at ToysRus. They have so many great educational toys. Like anatomy dolls, and science kits, etc. I think I'll have as much fun with them as she does. ha.

  4. I love those planets, what an awesome thing to have in the room. Rees just checked out a book on planets and now talks about earth.


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