valentines number seven.


one of my favorite valentines days was in france. and of course it was valentines day central there. i had a boyfriend at the time, so i'm sure i was your typical eighteen year old wishing we were together in such a romantic place. yaddi yaddi yadda. alas, i was alone.
however, monique was so kind (as she always was) and took me out for the day. we went to this little cafe on an adorable street, sat outside at a small round table with a light breeze, on a beautiful, blue skied day. now, for some reason i had always dreamed of going to france, sitting outside at a small round table, and drinking cocoa. this is the picture i envisioned.
monique ordered us both a delicious dessert with a cup (more like bowl) of cocoa for me, and a cafe for her. it was perfect, she had no idea she was turning my dream into a reality.
(not a great picture of moi, but Nice is so beautiful. oh how i miss it)

but of course my favorites are with josh. hard to believe we've celebrated seven of them together. our first valentines together, we had rumbi's at my place with candles, rose pedals, martinelli's, music, and of course, chocolate dipped strawberries. so, we decided to make rumbi's our vday tradition. oh so delicious.
anyways. i made this heart headband for abigail, as well as one with a bow (pictured below).

abigail enjoyed pink pancakes (thanks to her nanna). we made valentines together. and she thoroughly enjoyed the huge music card josh gave me.

hope you all had a wonderful, loving day. this world needs all the love and happiness it can get, so i think a day that is devoted to it is awesome!


  1. confused why I was not included in the photos? -

  2. I was wondering where you were too Josh. Cute photos!

  3. Looks like Valentine's Day was fun at your place. Abigail's headband turned out cute. She is going to have quite a collection.

  4. lover. i added a photo of you! sadly all of our pictures came out blurry :(. but alas, i found this one.

  5. Ah, I miss France. And Monique, have you heard from her recently? She is so wonderful.

    Wouldn't it be grand if we could take our spouses and spend a week adoring French culture again?


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