why i love valentines day.


i love this day. i've heard lots of people (always girls) say this is a dumb holiday, and we should show our love every day, yaddi yadda. but i see it like this...if we were to shower our "loves" with flowers, chocolate, hearts, whatever you might get into, every single day, it would get pretty monotonous and no longer be that exciting. so here we get one day in the year where you just want to do something a little extra special, it's a day that forces you to stop, and remember to tell your loved ones that you love them, whether it be your spouse, child, whomever.
one could argue that an anniversary doesn't need to be special because we should celebrate our love and marriage everyday. but we don't say that, because it IS a special day for you to stop, and remember.
so yes, let's remember to show our love every single day, and even surprise our loved ones on days other than these "set" holidays. but for the love, i say take advantage of this holiday! stop and think about why you love who you love, and then tell them... show them! what is the harm? have some fun!!
i love seeing every ones face and excitement on this day. for the most part, everyone is full of love! that's awesome!
happy valentines day, everyone!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you and Josh and Abigail!! I also love Valentine's Day, more so now with all the kids than ever before. It's probably the 2nd biggest, most anticipated holiday in this house!!

  2. I agree! Happy, happy Valentine's Day from two of your family members who love you a bunch.
    Mom & Dad

  3. I would like to add to your "(always girls)" comment haha. First, I agree and I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed. Second, they usually losers who aren't in a relationship or the guy they are in a relationship with doesn't make it special for them, so they're just jealous. Third, those are the kind of people (female or not) who try to ruin perfectly fun and harmless holidays like Halloween and Christmas for everyone else. Unless it's hurting someone, welcome to the land of Nobody Cares. Population: 6 billion.


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