appointment set.


operation pixie is set to go, this saturday @ 2:30.
and this is what i hope to walk out like.

apparently i have high cheek bones and prominent eyes. who knew? but this hair cut is supposed to bring that out, so we shall see.
i have had long hair, layers, bangs, and highlights for as long as i can remember. there is really nothing else i can do that would be "different", besides dye my hair, which i've done, and loved, but it's quite a chore to go from brown back to blonde.
so this will by far be the biggest change for me, and i am positive i will cry, but dang it, it is about time for a change! :)
and the awesome news is that i can donate my hair after all! i found a foundation for kids with leukemia that will accept highlighted hair. yeah!! that will definitely make it worth it.

so here's hoping! wish me luck.


  1. Just make sure you have some really good products for your hair to give it that funky/messy-ish/ adorable/fun look! I'm sure your stylist will tell you some that are great. I will tell you which ones I have loved with short hair- dry spray wax, although I don't remember which brand, and "Texturetwist" by Pureology, and a new product I have been using since my last cut, and I really love it, is "Being Gutsy" by Rusk, and it's a thickener.

    Like you said, you might cry, and it also be so different at first that you might think you don't like it, so if you don't immediately love it and think you made a mistake, just give it a few days, and I bet you will LOVE it and I just can't wait for pictures!!!!!!! So excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It's a very cute cut. Hope you LOVE it.

  3. Good Luck! I'm excited to see what it looks like!

  4. good luck! i'm nervous for you! can't wait to see it!


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