ER in the family.


something must be in the air with my family these days, because in the past few months we've had a brother in law and nephew go to the ER, and yesterday was miss abigail's turn. this was our first experience of taking her to the hospital; the last time we were here together, i was giving birth...a much better experience ;)
anyways. all is well now. she fell out of the carriage at the grocery store and fell on winco's cement floor, right on her head. she had a little blood in her nose, and was very out of it. her eyes kept rolling, which is a site i cannot stand. i called josh and we took her in, working hard to keep her awake.
they were going to do a CT, but thankfully within an hour of hanging out in the hospital room, she started to come around and act like her normal happy self; saving us $1200. hallelujah. we just had to watch her and make sure she didn't start acting aloof or different in anyway.
needless to say, she had a good nights rest after such an emotional day. this little accident was after she somehow got the razor in the bathroom and cut up her finger.
we are just happy she is happy and well. somehow she didn't even get a bump from this accident, but just has a big read bruise. she was also happy about her yellow bracelet (hospital band), and enjoyed talking to the other patients.


  1. Super scary, but I am so happy that she is alright and well. I hope we are all done with hospital visits until someone is welcoming a new addition to the family!

  2. amen to that, Kristin. I am glad that Koen didn't have to get stitches either. those things are scary looking anyways ;)

  3. That is so scary!!!! Silas is always climbing around and testing gravity, it freaks me out. I am glad she is ok

  4. oh my goodness! that is the worst! I am so glad she is okay! you must have been so scared!

  5. Sheesh! Something must be in the air with your family. Glad that she's doing better and that all is well.

  6. so scary. glad she's okay.
    winco is fun, huh!

  7. Sorry you had the scare.

    Rees fell out of the cart once, at Target. One lady looked like she thought I was a terrible mom. Another lady looked like, "oh, i so understand.' I was grateful for the later.

  8. I am so sorry! That is a scary thing! I am glad she is ok.


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