i feel like i am the only one who thinks emma watson's pixie is adorable on her. i realize it is crazy boy short, but i think it works on her, and if i was really petite (and had the guts) i would love to go this short. i think you need to be a tiny person to pull it off.
anyways. i have always wanted to be brave enough to chop my hair off, and one day i will be. but i also have known that when i do cut off these locks, i want to go short short. others assume i mean that classic a-line, but even that is too long of a short hair cut for me. nope, i'm talking this short...

i love these three pixies, and i've always said i'll do it once i can afford GREAT extensions. you know, in case i go home crying my eyes out and need my long hair back. oh, and i need a hair stylist who is 100% positive that a) i will look good with this cut. b) they can do it right.

i am planning on doing it once i can donate my hair; there is no use in wasting it. but i have to grow it out for a while longer because the highlights from like a year ago are still in there, and you can't donate hair that has been highlighted.

so now, i wait.

what do you guys think?


  1. 1) You ARE tiny/petite
    2) You could TOTALLY rock a pixie cut!
    3) Just do it! Seriously, I can totally see you with A, B, or Emma's cut! I'm so excited now, you should do it this weekend! :)

  2. Oh, and I was going to ask how you got such an adorable title thing at the top of your blog? I love it, it's so custom!

  3. Ask Emily D., she seems to have good instincts.

    I'll admit, I don't like the cut on 'Hermione', but I do really like it on other people. A girl from my old ward, not a 'tiny petite' person, just got a very short hair cut & it is so cute and sexy on her. I never thought she had delicate features, but with her new hair do, it makes her face look so soft and beautiful.

  4. I LOVE Emma Watson's pixie cut! And I have been thinking the same thing, it's time to cut my long locks off and I have been searching for pictures all over and the (B) but is one that I have saved :) I think you could totally pull it off, I like (B) and (C) the best :)

  5. I had a cut like that and I will be honest it looked AWFUL on me haha buy I don't have the right bone structure for a cut that short... Mine is more of a shape for a short A-line.. but you could totally pull it off... go for it!!

  6. You are like the definition of petite. In my opinion, you are wasting away!!
    I can totally picture you rockin one of the pixie cuts that the brunettes are wearing that you have pictured, and then when it grows out a little, it will look like the one Paris Hilton has. It would be SO easy to style, and if you put in a few soft highlights, you'd be smokin hot:) But I do love your long hair.

  7. i think i could see you in b.

    what you should do is photoshop your head with each style... then let us decide.

    the real deciding factor is how josh feels about it. :)

  8. If you do go through with it I would do B Paris rocks it best. But I am not one for short hair. Keep it long. If you are in need of a change add a bunch of choppy layers and bangs it will give you a new look but keep your length. Your hair is too pretty to chop it all off.

  9. A for sure...my brother has always thought shannon sossaman is smokin hot, and it's a cute hair style. i know a girl in provo who does a great job on short hair (mine used to be pretty short) but that's far to drive. also, i agree that emma's pixie is super cute.

  10. Meagan, I think you would look SUPER cute with any of these! You have such a pretty face and as others have said, you ARE petite, so you can totally pull it off. So excited to see it! And just remember if you don't like it, hair always grows back. =)

  11. I dont miss my long hair at all. Long hair is bueatiful but so much work.. I have always believe once your over 35 your too old for long long locks.. so its good to keep your long hair while your still young! :) You could pull off both. I cut 10 inches off and it took some getting use to, but now I love it.


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