reading & imagination.


a couple of things i'd like to point out about this video. you'll notice abigail has seemed to be gifted with my ocd issues of needing things to be placed just perfectly ;-) it's funny to watch.
also, please forgive me chomping down on my toast. clearly i was a hungry woman.
i love children's imaginations. the other day we were at the book store, and she insisted on pushing the stroller around. apparently her baby was in it. she would pick her baby up, bounce it to sleep, put it in a "playpen", etc. at one point she had three babies, making sure josh and i were both holding ours. she also made sure to tell every person passing by about her baby. i love that she is imagining, and it all started within a minute.
abigail also likes to introduce herself and us to all we walk by. she tells them each that we are "mommy, daddy, abigail". telling them her age is another popular conversation. as well as the fact that josh is at work. and of course she says josh, not daddy. i still haven't figured out what requires a josh vs a daddy out of her ;-)
anyways, she is awesome, and we adore her.


  1. We adore her too. Our grandkids continue to amaze us. They are much more advanced than we were at their ages.

  2. That's awesome!! Are those the cards from the reading program "Your Baby Can Read" or something like that? I love the cheering after she gets a word

  3. She is so cute. What a hoot! I love her enthusiasm.

  4. Love the OCD, isn't it great what your kids pick up from you!

  5. She made me laugh so hard when she'd get all excited after reading the word. She is such a smart little girl.

  6. Oh.My.Gosh. She is so smart! I love it! How old is she? haha I seriously love how she had to make sure the cards stacked perfectly on top of eachother haha I am the same way!

  7. I LOVE the OCD too! I want one like that!! She is sooo good at her letters; how much time do u spend doing that!!??


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