yep, already bored.


well, it's been about a month with this new do, and i am officially bored with it. i'm not saying it's not a cute cut, and i am really happy i finally built up the courage to do so, but it's the same thing, every day. with my long hair i did wear it in ponytails quite often, but at least i had the option of doing something different. i think the fact that i don't have my side swept bangs bums me out a bit. perhaps once those grow out longer i'll be a little bit more excited about styling. as for right now, i think i plan on going to a bob. what can i say, i get bored with hair pretty quickly.

on a another note. apparently abigail now has imaginary friends, both of them are named Dash. the only thing we can come up with as to how she got that name is Dash from the Incredibles. either way, it's funny.


  1. I want to see more pics of your hair!

  2. Oh man, that was fast, but not surprising. When I had shorter hair (that Emily cut), I felt kind of that way, but at the same time, I loved how easy it was!

  3. Maybe changing the color of your hair would help you be less bored with it. Like that pic of you with dark brown hair?

  4. You need to get highlights! I want to see more pictures too


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