you might wanna sit down, mom and dad.


the before:

the after:

i did it!! it took three seconds to chop it off, and then another three hours to finish it. and you would be proud, because i did not shed a single tear. in fact the moment she cut it off, i got pretty ecstatic of what was to come.
first of all, i still love, love, love long hair, and i will have it again one day. but this is such an awesome change and i am so happy i finally did it!! i definitely want the bangs to be longer; i miss my side swept bangs. however, those will be back within a matter of weeks, so then i'll be 100% happy with this new look. i still very much like it, it's just that the bangs are not what i want for moi. longer bangs, longer sideburns, and it's perfect!
this photo makes my hair look dark, though i did not darken it, i only highlighted it. and i love having highlights again. i can't believe i am not in shock, it actually feels pretty natural and has been relatively easy to get used to. though i do have to look twice when i see my reflection.
many have asked about josh's feelings, it was actually kind of his idea, and he very much loves it, especially since i can't put it in a ponytail ;) he also looks forward to us sharing products ;) and i look forward to using less shampoo, and pretty much never having to get my hair out of my face.
oh and i was a bit worried that abigail would be freaked out since she has only known me with long hair of course, but when she saw me she didn't even flinch. a huge relief for me. i have heard of children being scared at big changes like this.
side note: apparently i have a really good head to be bald. good to know for future reference :)
also i somewhat feel like an elf, but i do not find this to be a negative thing:)


  1. Love it!! (say in sing songy voice) You just have the face that can pull off a pixie cut. I've been envious of your long hair for all these years ( yes even the braids, they were always so perfect!) and now you have something else that I will never have! Just stop being so darn cute will ya!

  2. Well from the pics, I really like it. I don't think you look like an elf. Was it easy to style?

  3. holy cow I honestly didn't think you would do it. How freakin fun! I totally miss short hair and the ease of it. Looks cute! BTW I always feel like an elf with short hair too, LOL

  4. I LOVE it!!!! You look amazing, just like I thought you would!!!!!! So sassy and so fun!!!

  5. Love it! It looks so good! Who ended up cutting it for you?

  6. When you have such a cute face you can pull off anything.. looks great. Lets do lunch again. Miss ya.

  7. There you go - now you look like a (hip, modern) Mom, not a teenager! Very nice, sophisticated, mature look! Good job!! Does it feel so crazy when you shampoo it?


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