a much needed update...


lately i just have had no desire to type up blogs, or really be on the computer at all. but i want to finally update so i don't get months behind and then i'll probably really give up.
first off. in march my sister and her family were sealed in the salt lake temple. it was a wonderful occasion and we are very happy for the three of them, soon to be four. it was nice to have the whole family together, aside from kevin of course.

after the sealing there was a dinner at the jsmb. as i have mentioned before, josh seems to be a magnet to apostles and prophets; a benefit for me now seeing as i'm usually with him. this night however abigail escaped the presidents room, and josh went chasing after her, and in the hallway they met elder perry. why didn't i chase after her as well?!?! :)

we had the opportunity to take kevin and his companion out to dinner; they were here for general conference. i had been having a rough day when i heard a knock at the door and there was my brother. took me a second to realize what was going on. he really made my day though and it was nice to talk with him and his companion.
(this is not a flattering photo of myself)

last month i turned 26. a bit scary because it means i'm over the 20's hill and on my way to 30. josh was very sweet and made me breakfast, and then excitingly made me open my gifts rather than waiting till after dinner. i appreciated his efforts in making my birthday special. abigail and i enjoyed the zoo together while josh was at work, and i loved watching her excitement of all the animals. josh got off early and took us to cheesecake factory for dinner. and ordered my favorite cheesecake to take home. white chocolate raspberry truffle. so so delicious.

abigail enjoyed some painting. this is what i found. i'm impressed with how well she did getting the red just on her lips rather than her whole face. ;) i must add that i was proud of myself for just not caring and going with it; something i am trying to better myself at.

this is easter morning. we often wake up to abigail in our bed; she's pretty sneaky about it. and she seems to be attracted to josh's body heat or something, because no matter where he moves around in the bed, she sticks herself right up against him.

once abigail saw all the eggs and treats around the place, she got pretty excited about finding them all. which in return made me pretty excited. i loved watching her smiling from ear to ear.

she picked out her bunny easter basket. josh and i bought it because it was only $4 and she seemed to love it. we bought it along with some other things. when we got in the car however, we noticed we read the price tag wrong and it was actually $14. are you kidding me? the thing is made out of felt. she was attached however, so we just lived with it. you can be sure i will keep this thing safe though and it will be her easter basket for the rest of her life. because really, there is no reason for an easter basket to be $14.
oh well, she sure looked adorable running around with it :)

in other news. abigail and i took a quick trip with a friend of mine to las vegas. this was the stupidest trip i have decided to take. although i enjoyed by time with elizabeth and abigail, we had meant for the trip to just be a way to get into some sunshine because we were sick of the snow. i had been to vegas one time for a tennis tournament when i was 16, and although i saw the strip while there, most of my time there was spent at country clubs, competing.
this trip however i did not get that luxury, and all i saw was the strip. i can honestly say i hate las vegas, well, the strip that is. i am sure there are wonderful people and places outside that area. for instance, i loved the temple and the wonderful sight of living grass that was there.
i just don't get the excitement of going there unless you like to see naked women, smoke being blown in your face, or you enjoy gambling. i however, don't enjoy any of those things and i felt horrible for having abigail there with me.
it did however do one great thing for me. and that was make me appreciate living where i do, having my morals and standards, and my wonderful daughter and husband. so perhaps it was good i went there just for that wonderful reminder of how lucky i am.
i do however hope to go to las vegas again and see where josh served for those 6 months before he went to peru. he has never seen, nor does he care to ever see the strip however, and so when we go there you can bet that will be an area we completely avoid.

i have been very happy with the warmer weather and insist that it stays because i am a happier person in warmth. i love the sound of lawns being mowed, and the smell of freshly mown grass. i love hearing the birds chirping, and the baby ducks and geese waddling around.

josh and i both took the summer semester off which has been AWESOME for us as a family. it's just been really great to have josh home a bit more and to be able to relax and play together.

abigail loves bambi. she loves to say "biirrrd" like he does. and when his mother has to go away, she is always sure to tell me that "bambi's mother went back to jesus". it is because of that line of hers, that i now love bambi :)

life is good. we are just busy around here and getting many things prepared. i am excited for it to be warm enough to swim because josh and i are both anxious to get out into the water!!
we are celebrating our 5th anniversary this week as well which seems a bit crazy.

i hope everyone is doing fantabulous!!


  1. i'm so glad for an update!!! i've been thinking about you a lot lately. i miss hearing about your life!

    $14 is quite insane, i agree! it's so crazy seeing you with your short hair... i still haven't gotten used to it!!
    how fun that your bro got to have dinner with you!
    and i agree... las vegas is pretty lame besides the bellagio fountains and temple. we did get a couple fun deals out the outlet mall there but the strip is GROSS!!!

  2. Thanks for the update. I was behind too, it's hard to keep up, but i like to print them for journals.

  3. You sound a bit down. I hope everything is ok. Abigail is soo cute!

  4. Thanks for the new post. Hope this goes through for me sometimes they do but sometimes they don't. they have been goig through on Allison and Kristin.
    I know the feeling of the long winter. It frosted last nigt.
    I love the post of what you have been doing and you know $14 isn't so outrageous in this day and age.
    I love the pictures that you posted

  5. Hey stranger! Long time no see/hear/anything! I think it's time for you guys to come out of your cave of solace and play with us! We miss/love you guys especially Abigail ;)
    You know our numbers and emails so let us know when you guys are ready to come out of hiding! haha

  6. She did a great job on those red lips! I'm impressed myself.

    Fun pictures. Will you email me a copy of that family picture of us after the sealing? Love that picture.

    And....Happy Anniversary!

  7. Hi Megs, thanks for the comment on my blog. And great update, how exciting for your sister to get sealed.
    I agree, it was so nice and warm last week, now if it could just stop raining ;)
    Tyson's grandpa lives in Vegas, and he has never been to the strip, we walked it a few times and it is terrible, I swear I was the only one pushing a stroller around the casinos going from one place to another, I doubt we'll go back...
    Hope you guys are doing well, and hope you enjoy the summer (if it ever gets here) :)

  8. Abby did a real good job on the lips too.
    she managed to just do the lips.

  9. I loved reading your update and catching up on all that you guys have been up to. How's the program going? Hope preparations are going well for Abigail's bday!

  10. I did not know the Parks were going to be 4, congrats to them!
    Abigail did do an excellent job with her lipstick; I probably would have wanted to freak, but a mess like that and I would have been pleased! :)
    I would keep the Easter basket safe forever too.
    I am MUCH happier in the summer too; I feel your pain!
    That is wonderful that Kevin showed up at your door!!
    Happy Anniversary last week!


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