half a decade


josh and i celebrated our 5th anniversary on the 18th. in ways it feels like we've been together forever; inching up on 7 years. but in other ways it does not feel like 5 years ago we "tied the knot". though it was 40 degrees COLDER this anniversary than our actual wedding day, it was still a great day and i truly appreciate all of josh's thoughtfulness and effort that he put into it. i am a lucky girl. it's been an adventurous 5 years, that's for sure, and i think it's only going to get more so.
i love my man.

side note: if you are in the salt lake area and want to each scrumptrulecent food, may we suggest Faustina's. this place will make you love food you didn't think you would, and once boring food, turns into amazing food. go for lunch for a cheaper price, and dinner for a special occasion. and if you don't like it, well then you just might not like great food, so check into that ;-)

i love her spider man crawl


  1. CONGRATS you guys! Here's to 555 more!
    Abigail is super talented.

  2. I love hearing Abigail cheer, "Hey, I did it!". Super cute.
    We've never tested out Faustina's but I remember seeing it before... maybe I can convince Jon to try it out with me some time. :)

    Happy 5 and almost 7 years! ;)

  3. Happy Anniversary! Hope it was wonderful! And good job Abigail!

  4. That video was adorable! Happy 5 years!

  5. The way Abigail says, "hey, I did it", is so adorable.
    So, how many more times did she do the Spider man?


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