Mailie Ryan
(pronounced: "may-lee")

It's a GIRL!!!!!

Insanely excited and a bit relieved by the news. We are used to girl, and were just really, really, really hoping for a sister for Abigail. Plus, financially it's awesome because we have all girls clothes obviously and they will be right on the same track since Abigail was born in October...sweet!
Significance of her name. Mailie is a name I have loved for many years, and Ryan was my oldest brothers name.
I saw my midwife/doctor today and she let me know that based off of the ultrasound and how she is growing, that her new due date is 11/11/11. So we'll see.

I just want to point out that I am living proof that you can have two different kinds of pregnancies, and the babies can be different in the womb and STILL be the same sex ;-) Although I feel normal now, the beginning of this pregnancy was much more intense than Abigail's. However, that might have to do with the fact that I am already a mom.
Mailie moves way more than Abigail did, pretty much all day, and she is kicking and hitting all sides of my belly at once.
Now I feel pretty good and back to my normal self, just more tired since I am running after Abigail as well. Josh and I are insanely excited to finally give this little one a name!

I am pregnant along with my sister, Danielle again (twin cousin mommy), but this time we are two months apart, so I don't see twin cousins happening again ;-)

And here is a photo of the growing belly. I was able to keep hidden up until a few weeks ago, and now I feel like I have exploded. Forgive the tired face, I just got back from many errands ;)


  1. I can hardly wait for sweet little Mailie to arrive!!! It'll be so fun to watch Abigail as a big sister and play with her little sister. I'm sure they'll be very good friends.

  2. 11/11/11 WOULD be a cool bday! How do you say the name? Is it my-lee? or mail-lee? or may-lee?

  3. Well - congratulations. Each and every pregnancy can be so very different, Ryan and Autumn's were my hardest, and Brynn my easiest. Which makes me think I'm paying the price for that with her now!!

    Hope the remainder of the pregnancy is smooth sailing. November 9th was my due date with Jenna (oh and how badly I wanted to have her on that date), but now you're closer to Jenna's birthdate, maybe you'll have another baby with a "twin" (only 10 years older) cousin!!

    BTW, don't bet completely on the clothes fitting the same, you never know how differently they'll grow!! Just look at Brynn!

  4. Now you can rest easy, assuming there aren't any hidden ultrasound surprises! Good profile pic of the baby!

  5. Yeah! I'm so excited for your growing family! How could you keep it quiet for so long?

  6. We are excited for you all. We love both girls and boys just want helthy babies and will love them all.
    We guessed wrong.
    Maybe a brother later.
    Love to you all 3
    Grandpa and Joyce

  7. Are you growing your hair out?

    I'm excited that Abigail will have a sister. I know I love having my sisters around.

  8. AnonymousJune 21, 2011

    No WAY!!!! Meg! That's awesome! And, I love the name...funny story, but true.. Hank and I were talking about baby names just last night... don't ask why, I'm not getting pregnant ANY time soon LOL!!! But, I asked him what he thought of the the name Maylie... Love it!! Such an adorable name. Congrats on baby number 2!!!!

  9. how exciting!!! it was funny when i read your post yesterday because i was wondering when you were going to have another just as i was clicking on your blog. girls are so fun i cant wait to have one to put HUGE bows and poofy dresses on her.

  10. Congratulations! How exciting for you guys.

  11. So exciting!!! What a cool birthday too. Congrats

  12. I hope you have her november 5th!! thats my birthday. Congrats. we are so excited for you.

  13. Congratulatuons, Megs! You are due right at the same time as I was with both my boys. Nov 10th was both their due date. Perfect since you don't have to buy much. Yay for Abigail to have a big sister!!!! They will be so close. :)

  14. Congratulations! I have to admit, Danielle told me back when I met up with her after she and Jeremy were sealed. I wanted to tell you congrats then, but she said that you guys weren't telling anyone but family yet. =] I really like the name you've picked out for her too! Can't wait to meet this little bundle of joy.

  15. Hey meag,
    I love the name Mailie! It is so darling.
    Brix goes to a preschool in our nieghborhood, I can give you the number if you want.. She is fabulous!
    We need to get together soon!


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