any ideas? any at all...


we have learned that salt lake is not really the most "kid friendly" place to live. and by that i don't mean it's inappropriate, i mean it doesn't cater to families or children really. you would think so though!

anyways, we have many friends and family who live around the country who are always posting about these wonderful (many times FREE) places to take their kids and get out of the house. where as here there are not many options, and the options they do have generally cost money. and well, who wants to spend money day after day after day, when there are free options other places?

we have one splash park near by, Liberty Park, which is big enough for 8 kids to play, and is kind of nasty with it's wet toilet paper and band aids all over. the other splash parks which are actually big, are way the heck out there.
the one free thing i can think of besides a park, is Wheeler Farm, which is great for little kids, but who wants to go to the same place every day.
anyways, i could go on and on about this, but let me get to the reason i am posting this...

who can give me great ideas for how to keep your 2 1/2 year old entertained in salt lake and area, without forking over money every day? things for a stay at home mom, because with josh here we can go hiking, etc, but i don't feel comfortable doing that (especially pregnant) with a little one, all by myself. these ideas can be at home, anywhere!! but please don't tell me gilgal sculpture garden, because that is on one of those lists of 'Free things to do with children in salt lake', and really, that is about as boring as it gets for a child. but they have to stretch their ideas i suppose.

i feel like abigail and i are at this stage where she is just a few months shy of being old enough for certain activities that we can get her into, like gymnastics, or tennis, etc, but she is old enough to find being at home daily pretty boring. so i need advice people!! she and i are both going a little stir crazy, and we can't go to cowabunga EVERY day ;) though she would love to swim 24/7.

Who wants to play??? because we love to play :)

**ps. we have Discovery Gateway and Cowabunga passes, since Abigail is FREE! have to take advantage of that now, because next year she isn't :-(**


  1. Megs we need to get our kids together, we could go out to the "lake" at daybreak, there are little hikes that have board walks the entire way up by brighton, and the fountains down at gateway. We also have a blow up pool that is a riot for our little 2 year old, when are you guys free?

  2. I wish we lived there still (I think we would have only been a couple miles from you) cuz we would play with you!

  3. Our playgroup just made boredom jars for our Fams. Decorate an old jar and fill with ideas to do with your kiddo. Here is a list of ideas and there are more if you're willing to look for them out in cyberspace. I just typed in Boredom Jar ideas.

  4. that is hard meg. have you looked into getting a pass at the zoo or children's museum or aquarium? my sister and parents have passes and they are not too expensive. i love our zoo pass (in ATL) because Ryker and i can go to the zoo for just an hour or 3 hours and i dont feel bad or like i didnt get my money's worth. i know 18 months ago the aquarium pass was only $16 for a year.

    we are at my parents in springville until aug 2 and they have "carnival" in the back yard. if you and Abigail want to come down and have a play date we would love that! I have other nieces and nephews here that I am sure she would have a blast playing with. call me if you want to 801.367.7739 most days we are just hanging out here and love friends :)
    you could go to immigration canyon this is the place and play. i think that is all free and fun. it is across the street from the zoo.
    i am sorry that your ward does not have many friends for you and abigail that is a bummer.

  5. from what i hear, a lot of things do require a pass. but if you get a pass for you, she's free. and if you go there more than a couple times, you pay for yourself. i've heard the children's museum up north has cheap tuesday's or something, discovery gateway, the aquarium, the zoo, this is the place, gateway water fountain.

  6. You probably already do this, but just in case... What about craft activities at home? Not sure what it's like down there, but we're high 90's now and I do not like taking my kids out in that heat. But, there are lots of fun crafty things you could do together. From play-dough (have her make her letters with them and it's educational, too), macaroni necklaces, fingerpainting, building forts. I'm trying to think what I did with Ryan, but I guess when he was almost 3 he had a 1 year old sister to keep him busy! So, worst case - just hold on a few more months and Abigail will have all the distractions she could want!

  7. I saw ont he 'boredom' list LEGO's. James, Brynn and Autumn could play with those things for hours and hours. Do you have LEGO's for Abigail? And running through the sprinklers is great for Summer, does your apartment have a yard and hose hook up? You can get a play sprinkler for less than $10 at Walmart.


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