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so some random bits of news.
work: Chase just informed josh that they are going to count his original hire date as his first day of work, as in when he started with Wamu a few years ago! this is great news because one, he now gets parental leave when mailie arrives, rather than using vacation time. and two, management positions can come sooner rather than having to wait for the one year mark.
school: i found out i am on the dean's list. i wish i was more thrilled about this, but it's the bc, shouldn't we all be on the dean's list? but i suppose the fact that i did it while being a mother helps, because i did find it more challenging in that way ;)
but the really good news is that i am actually going to be able to graduate from there before i am old! i found out there are a ton of online classes i can take through byu independet study that will transfer! so, time permitting, hopefully i'll be able to finish there quickly and move on to my psychology degree!!

next up. we had a ward service weekend and it was wonderful. friday we did yard work for those in the ward who were in need. it had been cloudy the entire day, up until it was time to do the yard work, and then it was pretty scorching. still enjoyable though :) i was able to get abigail involved by pulling little weeds and throwing them into the truck, and she loved it. i was pleased that i did not get attacked by a single spider.
our next house did not need much work, so abigail and i went to the church and helped set up for the breakfast in the morning, while josh stayed back and did some manly yard work.

i feel like a whale in this photo, but hey, i was sweating buckets and trying to work hard, so what are you gonna do?

josh did more of the intense weeding, like tree sized bushes. thank you, men.
and everyone needs a good raking of their drive way now and then.

saturday morning was awesome. we had a ward breakfast with many refugee families. most of them were from Butan, which is near India. about 20 years ago, their leader had an "ethnic cleansing", and many of these families were put into concentration camps. one of the men had been in a camp for 18 years and is now working a DI here in salt lake, working many hours to provide for his family. another man was a doctor in india, and is now working at a 7/11, 50-60 hours a week for his family.
it was amazing to hear some of these stories, and it breaks your heart. it really is just a reminder of how lucky we are to be here.
they were all so sweet. some did not know english; one family had just arrived to america 9 days before hand. so we just tried to smile and do the best we could.
abigail seemed to be a big hit with the teenagers. they were playing frisbee with her, one girl was doing her hair, and abigail was loving every minute of the play time she had with them. i appreciated how wonderful they were with her, and she was sad to see them go.

this young man was really great and sweet with her.

josh and i got to help out with breakfast, which allowed us to mingle and meet a lot of people. i feel like we're really becoming a part of this ward, and are no longer the unknown newbies :)

we had one of those blow up bouncy castles, which was heaven for the kids. we had one bloody nose, and some smacked heads, but it still went pretty well ;)
also, this ward rocks when it comes to food! they really put a lot into it and provide scrumdidliumptiousness, which i appreciate. abigail clearly did as well, considering she was trying to grab every kind of cereal they had. we finally had to intervene.

we also had the back of the gym filled with donated clothes and toiletries that the families could fill laundry baskets up with. it made me really happy to see them able to grab the things that they needed. i am so grateful to everyone who donated what they could.

this is the first ward function we have been so involved in helping with, and that made it even more awesome for us. i loved constantly moving, and running around helping with things, and talking to everyone.

we were able to find these families through a non profit organization called Do Good in the Hood
abigail and i were able to talk to the guy who kind of started it and get some great information. i've been trying to find an organization i can get involved in to help families in these situations, and found out there are so many things i can do with them and bring abigail along! which would be great for both her and myself. you should check them out if you are interested!

we left that day on such a high. the past two days were so great to be involved in helping others. we also left pretty exhausted ;)

get out and do some service!!


  1. That is awesome for Josh! You guys also seem to be having a great time! We miss you guys!

  2. I love hearing about such awesome service activities! I'm glad you were all able to participate and have a great time. The pictures are great. I can hardly believe how much bigger Abigail is and how long her hair is getting!!!


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