catching up, yet again...


so first of all there are like 25 photos or something, so pictures galore!
i'm going to try to catch up here; i have been such a slacker.

quick story. yesterday abigail was watching and feeling mailie kick. the first time she saw this she seemed unsure, but now she loves it. yesterday however, once she felt her kick, she hugged my belly tightly and said "i love you, mailie"...and that my friends, made the entire day awesome.

this photo. abigail insisted on sleeping with her shirt on her head. this was a one night thing too, so i'm not sure where it came from :)

this calf insisted on eating our hands, and clothes. i'm amazed as to how long a cow's tongue is. seriously, check it out when you have a chance.

checked out the 24th of july parade. it was a bit depressing for me that i was running in the 10k last year, but hey, next year! abigail was ecstatic about the little mermaid float and seeing president monson.

abigail would live in the water if we allowed. we are at cowabunga every week these days, and she is fearless when it comes to running in the pool area, her head barely above water. we have created a fish.

come on...that's cute.

cowabunga is great for young kids. i highly suggest it to parents with young children because it seems to be catered to them, and you don't see older teenagers all over the place taking over.

we went to memorial grove. abigail was very excited about the dogs, especially when they started to play in the water. so naturally, she wanted to join in. she started out just casually playing in it with her hands, but soon just ended up completely in it, drinking it, picking up mud, and finding rocks to throw. and well, she had a blast, so we just sat back and relaxed. she did end up in her car seat completely naked for the ride home.
nanna got to visit for over a week! abigail was very excited to see her each morning, as well as her cousin koen, and aunt kristin.
this is at the gardner village, which i suggest going for if you want cute pictures of family or your kids in autumn.

i loved seeing abigail interact with koen, because she was kind of 'big sisterish' with him and it was very sweet. it got me pretty excited for mailie to arrive.

abigail thought this was a spinning wheel (she likes sleeping beauty), and we went with it. she was ecstatic about sitting on one.

we also discovered that abigail is a pyro, just like her mommy was.

and well, i have a cute husband.

this is me probably thinking about all the wretched daddy long legs i was trying to avoid.
next up. we went to heritage village at 'this is the place'. abigail loved the animals of course, and was very excited about riding the trains, many times. i also love her french braids, courtesy nanna.

she would also ride horses every day if possible.

wheeler farm. we went while it was pretty dang hot, so once we saw all of the animals i think we were all spent, red faces and all.

this is just a taste of what's been going on. pregnancy is going really well, i feel really good, just a bit tired at times. hard to believe we only have 3 months to go!! hoping to fit in a small vacation with all the business of life. oh, has everyone seen 17 Miracles? i suggest it. pretty sure we were all crying. and kristin and i both had our prayers answered by our kids allowing us to actually see the whole movie pretty much!


  1. so glad to see an update!!!!! life sounds so happy!

  2. Your baby bump is so cute!

  3. Loved every minute of our week together.

  4. your hair grows SO fast. I cant believe how long it is already or has it just been that long since you chopped it all off? I really like it!


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