happy wife...


my husband made me a very happy woman today.
i was waiting for him to arrive home when our doorbell rang. i opened the door and no one there, but there was a huge beautifully wrapped up box with a big bow and a card on top. i stood there confused because it kind of looked like wedding paper, so i thought someone must have been confused and dropped off a wedding gift at the wrong door. i'm not sure how long it was before i realized josh was just around the corner watching me, and then i realized that big box was for me!

and to my delight, this was inside!

i have been wanting a sewing machine forever!! i just haven't wanted to spend the money on one. but with mailie coming in just a few months, and having a goal to make her bedding, it's probably about time:) i'm a beginner, and a friend of mine said this was a great starter machine. i don't need anything fancy, but with my odd ocd love of pushing buttons, i will probably be in heaven with the few i have here.
thank you, thank you, thank you honey! i promise i will make you a quilt one day:)
i can't wait to start playing. i have so many ideas of things i want to make already!


  1. squeal! so awesome!!!

  2. Awesome! Looks like a nice one!! Now, get to work!

  3. Careful, it's sooo addicting :)

  4. To many buttons for me, it would take me a life time to figure that out. I do wish ours had a zig zag stitch option, but at least its still better then hand stitch. The fabric on the table, is that the material you're using for the bedding?


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