pregnancy and awesome callings...


7 months and going strong

it's hard to believe i am in the third trimester. we're close to the 10 week countdown, and something about that sounds like we're almost there. i just know mailie will be here before we know it, so now i definitely feel like it's crunch time to get things prepared. i am a person who needs to be ready way in advance for the 'just in case' moments. "be prepared, be prepared, always be prepared!"
so i feel really good. that back pain is definitely kicking in and the crushed lungs feeling, but that just comes with the territory of having a human being inside of you. but i don't have much to complain about, i feel like i have easy pregnancies. though i will say i have TONS of pressure down under which i did not have with abigail until it was time to push. midwife says i'm probably doing too much and need to just take a break. we'll see ;)
mailie still moves 24/7. i wake up a few times a night for that continuous bathroom break, and she is still kicking around. not sure when the girl gets rest. but it is great for the fact that josh and abigail can witness her movements quite often. i had a lady come up to me during church and say she could even see her moving around during relief society.
i am getting more anxious this time around for her to arrive. i think that is perhaps because i know how awesome it is to have them here in person. plus a friend of mine just had a baby, so that got me wicked excited for l&d and meeting mailie. i'm excited to see the differences and similarities between her and abigail.

in other news...we got an awesome calling!! we were sunday school teachers to the 12 & 13 year olds who were really sweet girls, good kids, of course you don't know how much of what you teach is being listened to, but at least they were well behaved :)
anyways, we got released and recalled yesterday. i can't remember the title of it, something about 'young couples activity something', but we're in charge of getting all the young couples/families together once a month to basically hang out and have fun! party plans are spinning in my head.
i've never been this excited about a calling to be honest. seriously it is right up our alley!
and if anyone wants to throw out some ideas, by all means!

so that is about it for now. school is starting up in a couple of weeks. josh loves his job. abigail loves her baby sister. and we can't really complain. we do however need a vacation because it's really been years and i can see how beneficial it would be for us. life is going to be even busier soon.

and here is a photo w/o peeking abigail :)


  1. That does sound like a fun calling! Glad everything is going so well. So, are you about ready for Mailie then?

  2. Wow how can I get that calling? That is already something we do all the time. I can NOT believe you only have 10 weeks left. CRAZY. Even more crazy that you are still that tiny. You look great. I love prego bellies and seeing all of my friends with them makes me want one again :)

  3. Random....the last pic looks like a backless shirt, whats up with that? You being so close means that cooler weather is coming soon, oh how I can't wait for cooler weather. Snow even would be nice right now. Yay for your new callings. Our ward doesn't have such a calling, fun for you though for sure.

  4. you look great! and the calling IS perfect for you!

  5. LOL, Danielle, it totally looks like her shirt is backless in the last picture. But, I figured out that it's her arm. =] Megan, your belly is so cute and so is your hair! Your new calling does sound awesome too. What could be more fun than basically getting all your friends together for a party/get together once a month. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  6. I didn't know you were pregnant! Congratulations! I am so happy for you. 2 Little girls will be so much fun. How exciting. :)

  7. good to hear everything is going smoothly

  8. I'm "bummed" about your due date being moved. I thought it was pretty neat on the original date. Maybe you'll keep it anyhow.


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