ten week countdown & table runner...


well my friends, we are officially at the 10 week countdown. and my midwife switched the due date back to 11.9.11 . everything is looking great, and mailie seems to be making her way downward like she is supposed to, so hopefully that doesn't change. though they don't really stress about it until 34 to 35 weeks along.
i feel like life is going to fly by these last 10 weeks. i've got josh's big 30th birthday coming up in september, our first activity (new calling) to put together, and abigail's 3rd birthday! not to mention just the baby stuff to plan and get prepared.
and i'm pretty sure mailie isn't even in the uterus, but just swimming around my entire torso. the other night it felt like she was trying to claw her way out of my stomach. she's quite enjoyable to watch. all you have to do is move my belly around and she'll dance for you, so abigail loves to come up to me and push on my belly to get her going. she likes to sing to mailie by putting her mouth right against my belly and belting away. i need to get this recorded.
she also likes to have us listen to HER baby's heartbeat in her belly. :)

and...i finished my table runner! pretty stoked with how it turned out and i just want to make more for the upcoming holidays. now i just need to come up with a great centerpiece.

front and back.

i am pretty happy with my corners.


  1. You are SO talented! You should have had a sewing machine 20 years ago!

  2. Good luck with the last 10 weeks! One thing you might want to add to your to-do list, make and freeze a few meals so you won't have to stress over cooking with a new baby in the house! If we were closer I'd make some for you! Being pregnant (well, parts of it) can be such fun!! And great job on your corners, you are a pro!

  3. Good work on the table runner...you are like one step ahead of me in what I want to learn how to sew. haha

    question for you where did you find your blog header? i love it and i am in search of a new sleek header for ours.

    thanks dear!

  4. I like the fabrics you chose. You have a good eye for patterns and colors. Are you sure you haven't been sewing for years and just never told me?

  5. Way to go! The runner is awesome and the binding looks great too!

    I'm so looking forward to little Mailie's arrival!

  6. Wow Meg, you never cease to amaze me. Wish I lived closer so your amazingness could rub off on me. Never made it to SLC last weekend, but I'll keep you posted and we can meet up :) You are just so cute pregnant!!


  7. They do look great Meagan.

    I think your calling is just perfect for you guys!

  8. I finally got to read your last few posts and it looks like you are busy busy. Abigail is getting so big, and you look great. I like the colors you chose for your runner.

  9. Your runner looks great. The corners look awesome, I bet that was tricky


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