33 weeks...


as of tuesday i hit 33 weeks. and although to some 7 weeks might sound like i still have plenty of time, i am feeling like there isn't much time at all. this is partly due to the craziness going on around here. i've got josh's birthday this weekend, then a young families activity the day after, then my parents are potentially coming next weekend, of which we will have a small party for abigail's birthday during that time, then we have abigail's actual birthday, which means we are just a few days away from the 4 week countdown, and there is still all the mailie prep to get handled.
to add to what feels like pressure to me, mailie has been acting like she is in a bigger hurry then i am, which makes me a tad nervous. so now i feel like we need to be prepared for an early arrival. of course she might come late, but i need to "be prepared, be prepared, always be prepared!"
i'm pretty positive i will not get around to making crib bedding, and will probably just buy one. we need to get all of abigail's baby clothes out, because yes, i kept every single piece of clothing (other then horribly stained ones), not because i was preparing for a second, but because i am emotionally attached to everything about her ;)
i have an appointment with my midwife next tuesday, and then we're down to the appointments every week! that just adds to pressure for me because it will make it go by even faster.
so while i am pretty dang excited to meet mailie, and especially see abigail with her little sister, i would really appreciate it if she didn't make too early of an entrance into this world. just give me time little one :)
still feeling really good though!


  1. Just wanted to say I like your hair that way.

  2. Sounds like FOREVER to me!!

  3. Glad you're feeling so good. You don't look 33 weeks pregnant! She's gonna be one tiny baby!! I was so excited for Ryan to become a big brother and see how he reacted to Jenna. Of course, he wasn't even 2, so he didn't understand what was happening - I bet Abigail is beyond excited! Good luck with these last 7 (or less!) weeks. That's not much time at all. Ack! That means I have 7 weeks until Jenna's birthday and our crazy "birthday season" begins! Jealous to hear that you might be getting a visit from Mom and Dad!!

    Take care of yourself and don't overdo it!!


  4. You are looking good. I hope the 7 weeks goes by slowly enough that you feel ready, but fast enough to avoid feeling overly pregnant. :)

    You have probably heard of this before but I remember reading and hearing lots of people say to get big brother/sister a present when the baby arrived. The baby gets so much attention so it is nice for big sister to get some extra love too. Anyhow, we got something quite small and cheap for Rees but I thought it was a good idea for him.

    Oh and I don't think it is weird that you kept everything. I have most of Rees's stuff, in hopes we have another boy some day.


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