a family vacation!!!


this was absolutely a much needed vacation for our family! josh came home on a friday and said "pack up, we're leaving." hallelujah! we had a whole week to do as we wanted. we left monday morning for yellowstone with no worries, no time constraints. just driving and arriving when WE wanted to. we spent the drive talking and laughing the whole time. it's funny how the moment you leave for a trip, all your stress washes away and you can just relax and have fun.
abigail did AMAZING with the whole trip. she never complained about being in her car seat for hours on end. we figured she would need to get out and stretch her legs, but she was perfectly content with her coloring, reading, snacks, and singing her heart out. bless her soul.
definitely needed that tourist photo of arriving to yellowstone...however, we forgot to do that on the way in, so this was actually on our way home.

setting up the tent. josh was very excited about this new tent he bought, and i have to admit it is delightful. it's a rectangle, not a dome, all the walls are 90 degrees, so you can stand up straight in the whole thing. very happy with it.

hanging out around camp. she was very happy about her own chair.

playing some soccer.
plenty of delicious food. courtesy of my man. i fully believe in big filling breakfasts while camping. not just a bagel. and cocoa is always a must as well. :)

roasting hot dogs over a fire is also another camping must.
seeing the sites.
as you can see, abigail was thrilled about old faithful

i love this pic. this is just after an emergency pull over bathroom break.

up to see some mud pots. a good daddy, carrying up abigail in her stroller up the endless steps.
a couple animals. we did not see much, but enough to keep abigail happy at least.
these two beasts look like they are in charge of their kind.

and there was plenty of exploring for abigail. just like her daddy, she seems fascinated with what's going on beneath the dirt.
however, she has grown some kind of fear of flies in the past couple of days, which is equally sad and kind of funny.
abigail was ecstatic about sleeping in the tent, building fires, seeing animals, and running around like a hobbit without shoes. she was very happy at the campsite.
now i know, i am just 8 weeks away from having a baby, so camping might sound crazy. but dang it, i have been wanting to camp as a family for the past few years, so i didn't care how crazy it sounded. did i sleep great, of course not, that was not expected, but i still had a blast and i was just happy to be taking a break together as a family!

once we got home, we felt like abigail deserved a reward of continual playtime just for her. i mean, she really was amazing during the trip, of which we felt like was more for us then her.
so we took her to the zoo, wheeler farm, and water fun.

we need to come up with a winter swimming solution, because she could really be in the water daily.

very happy about flying this plane. she also rode the ferris wheel for the first time, of which i have to thank josh for taking her on. i wasn't allowed since i am pregnant, and josh is not a fan of heights. but el tigre really wanted to go on it, so he was a trooper and did it anyways :) she loved it.

this is actually from a weekend prior. we went to Tangled at the capital. i wish you could all see abigail with this movie. she is in love with it. i need to get her recorded, but she sings and recites it and it is ridiculously adorable.

and this is just another photo i love of my little girl coloring. a pastime she loves, and i love just watching her.
it is amazing what a vacation can do. it's a giant date night and it was such a wonderful refresher for us. especially now that school is in session. we wanted to make sure we got one in before life gets even busier with mailie arriving. i'm closing in on just 7 weeks away from the due date. really??

i want to thank my man for a fabulous week off together. i greatly appreciate it and loved every moment!


  1. SUCH a happy post! :)
    You all look great.
    What kind of umbrella stroller do you have?

  2. Woo Hoo! The vacation finally happened! I know you have been wanting to go on a family vacation for a super long time, so I'm glad you all got too.
    I'm in love with Abigail's little brown sweater. It's simply adorable!
    Where are the flying planes at?

  3. This was a great post to read. I'm glad you guys got to get out and enjoy some family time together. I love vacation! =] Abigail is getting so big and so adorable! I love that picture of her and Josh roasting the hot dogs, she looks so much like her daddy in that picture.

  4. I'm glad it went well! Lots of cute pictures. I love the excitement kids bring to camping; they have such joy in dirt and rocks, things I often overlook. :)

    Lets make a goal, a big camping trip with our sibling families! The cousins would love it don't you think?

  5. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. It looks so fun. Abby is growing up so fast.
    Did you camp in Yellowsotne Park. Grandpa said you were brave he wouldn't camp there he says he would be afraid of the bears,
    I have slept in a stationwagon car and the boys and their dad outside years ago.

  6. looks like you have a WONDERFUL time. Yellowstone is just about my most fav place.
    Abigail is getting to be such a little person.


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