my 30 year old hunk...


through our years together.
on the 24th, josh moved into a new decade. hard to believe i met him as a young(er) 22, basically 23 year old. he's still lookin mighty fine though :)
josh does not care about his birthday, and when i say he doesn't care, it really means just that. there just isn't a single oz of emotion, happy or sad, towards his birthday. i think this might be typical of males, though i have to say, josh seems even more uncaring then most. but i still love my hunky man, and tried to focus on giving him a relaxing 'just about him' day, all without making "too big of a deal" about it ;)
thankfully the excitement of a certain nearly 3 year old girl helped out a bit ;) abigail had been going on and on about birthday cake/dessert, presents, blowing out candles, and singing 'happy birthday' for awhile now:)
it was a nice family day together; which are kind of perfect and wonderful for us. and i am now married to a 30 year old, which is still pretty young in my book. happy birthday babe!

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  1. Jeff & Josh sound similar on the birthday thing. Way to celebrate in a way Josh would appreciate. :)

    Happy Birthday Joshua!


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