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wow, i can not believe today marks 10 years since the 9/11 attacks. what do you remember about that day?
josh was on his way to the las vegas airport to fly to chile. he had been called to peru on his mission, but they could not get the visa's for the missionaries, so he got recalled to chile. but once he got to the airport, they notified them of what had happened in ny, and sent all the elders to a house, where they could watch what was going on. interestingly enough, just after that they were able to get the visa's, and josh was able to go to peru.
i remember i had just walked into my ap history class to see my teacher, mr. engbers, he had this stunned look on his face, and he looked like he was on the verge of tears. i looked up to see the footage of the towers burning, but assumed there was some kind of accident. mr. engbers was from new york and was of course heart broken and worried that someone he knew could have been killed or hurt. i felt horrible for him. a couple teachers throughout the day briefly spoke about what was going on, but not much. so it wasn't until after school when i was able to sit down and really see all the footage, that it really hit me what had occured.
over the next few weeks it was hard not to cry at every story that was being told. people who were desperately wanting to find their family, or friends, not knowing if they were alive. imagining what everyone went through on those planes, and in the towers was and still is difficult. and now, as a mother and a wife, i find it even more so. but i am truly inspired by many who were deeply effected by this horrible moment in time, and yet they have come out stronger from it. people have dedicated the last decade of their lives to rebuilding and showing the world that we are still strong and united, and they are determined not to give up, whatever the cost may be.
i may not have known anyone who was harmed in those attacks, but i have had friends who have fought in the war since, and sadly, a friend who was killed as well. i am grateful to them, and all those who have and are willing to sacrifice their lives for each of us. their stories inspire me and remind me of how lucky we are to be here.
i figure there isn't much i can say that you haven't been reading all day on facebook, blogs, or the news. but i am curious what everyone remembered about that day 10 years ago, what you were doing , how you heard , and how you felt?


  1. We were home and was watching tv. Such a sad thing that happened but like you stated it brought us closer as a people and know that we have a Heavenly Father who helps us all in times of our needs.
    My grandson was here a few days ago on his way to his last semester at BYU Id and he was in choir practice when some kid came in and told them about it.
    I love seeing the postings that you put up.
    How was your camping trip?
    Love to you all.
    Grandpa and Joyce

  2. I had just walked into my zero hour class and my teacher was watching the news-I think the first tower had just been hit. Then I watched as the rest of it unfolded. TV's were on in every class the whole day. I don't remember doing anything in class that day other than watch the news. Everyone scared, crying, confused, and several calling loved ones to find out about family that was there. It was all so clear as if it happened yesterday. can't believe its been 10 years. Watched some amazing stories yesterday and today on tv about untold stories. Even without these kind of reminders, I will never forget!

  3. I first heard it on the news on my way to work at BRV and watched the news unfold while working. When I got home from work, I remember Kevin watching the coverage in Mom's & Dad's room. Despite watching it happen, it seemed hard to believe.


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