the announcements


i thought i would post how i told josh i was pregnant, as well as how we announced it to my family.

first, i made this video for josh. i really thought once he started watching it he would get why i made it. so i was pleased once i realized he had no clue until the actual 'announcement' on the video :)

and this is how we told my family. thankfully everyone for the most part was in town for the park's sealing, so that was great timing. we turned this photo into a puzzle, and my mom gave everyone their pieces and they did it together. she had told them it was a family thing, so i don't think anyone was suspicious until they noticed it was a picture of just abigail ;)

in case it's difficult to read. it reads...
"11/11/11. I will have some competition. Wish 'um luck!"

Just a little background or reminder of the baby in the above photo. That is the same baby I used in the announcement below. I created it using our baby pictures when I announced to Josh that I was pregnant with Abigail. I think we make a pretty adorable combined baby ;)


  1. Love reading the blog so fun!! Thanks for posting. I haven't posted since Landrie's birth! How do you make those videos? DO you need any software or what?

  2. And who is the baby??

  3. Hi!! I feel like such a bad friend, things have been pretty crazy for us lately. I loved reading your blog and catching up. I love ya and I am sure things will go greatly!

  4. I loved the video!
    And I totally recognized that baby!


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