Happy 3rd Birthday, Abigail!!!!!


I can't believe 3 years ago I had her.

and looking at this made me tear up. Looking at her in bed tonight, thinking about the fact that she is somehow 3 years old, I cried. Look at how tiny she was!!!

and now, still outrageously adorable and sweet, she is growing up too quickly for me.
we had her party on Sunday, which I will post about later. Today was just the three of us, and I will also post about that later.
But here she is picking out her very own cupcake from Sweet Tooth Fairy. She was very excited about seeing the "tooth fairy" and picking a blue cupcake.

and one shot from after the gift opening. the girl loves her monkeys.

we had a wonderful day as a family, and we are and probably will be in awe that she is growing up for the rest of our lives. Time goes by way too fast everyone, so love every single moment and don't wish for them to grow too quickly. it's a bit depressing ;) but of course, we love every new age, and that sweet sweet smile and laugh.
Happy Birthday my angel. We love you!!!


  1. The way you talk about Abigail growing up too quickly reminds me of how I felt about how quickly the mission would pass, it was always sad to realize how fast it was going. :) But every new stage brings it's joys and fun too.

    The cupcake shop looks like a fun idea. Did she get snow on her birthday?

    Happy Birthday Abigail! We look forward to pictures from all the celebrations.

  2. Happy Birthday Abigail.

  3. Happy Birthday Abigail! Time does fly when you are having fun

  4. I forgot she had such dark hair! She does look so small. Makes me teary too!!! Happy Birthday Abigail!!! Can't wait to see the rest of her party!

  5. It was a joy to personally wish Abigail a Happy Birthday, even if it was a few days early. She was a cute baby, and just keeps getting cuter.

    The Sweet Tooth Fairy sounds like a fun place to stop by.

  6. Thank you for calling me on our birthdays! I was taking my birthday bath and sad I missed you. Can you believe we're finally 3 and all grown up! I saw pictures of you on Grandma and Grandpa's blog and you look super cute in your Rapunzel hair. I bet your Mom was a little jealous just how long it was huh? I hope you like your book because I liked reading it and plus you like monkeys so much. Stay cool cuz, Kaylee

  7. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!


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