"I'm coming Motherrrrrr"


it is that phrase i hear nearly every morning, along with many other quotes from Tangled. Abigail LOVES that movie. i love hearing her sing the songs, and quote the movie, it's adorable. and each morning she comes into our room, pretends to throw her hair over the bed, aka: the "tower" and pull Mother up, while saying "Rapunzel, let down your hair"..."i'm coming Mother!". it's purely awesome. and so naturally, that was the "theme" of her birthday. nanna and grandpa were able to be here thanks to conference weekend, so that was a special treat for the birthday girl.

i made her this...and i can not explain to you how in love with this "hair" she is. she wants to wear it always, and you can see the happiness in this child's eyes as she just stares at herself in the mirror.

we didn't go with the theme for the food. instead we went with abigail's favorite foods,which are: spaghetti, mac & cheese, green salad with balsamic vinaigrette...yeah, you read that right, and edamame. and josh and i couldn't be more proud of this girls taste buds :)
we also included jello popcorn, because i wanted an excuse to have some. that stuff is way too easy to keep eating by the way.

abigail had been anticipating her cupcakes for quite some time. it's the first thing that got spoken about when her birthday was brought up, as well as the singing of "happy birthday".

and she was just as excited about singing the song to herself as having everyone else sing it.

this gift has been a blessing. we knew we wanted something musical for abigail to start with. she has a small violin, but i'm still feeling like she is a bit young, and she loves the piano every time we see one. she loves playing it daily, and i love the time it allows me to get house work accomplished.

and plenty of 'blowing out candle' photos.

on her actual birthday...
she requested the Original Pancake House for breakfast, where she specifically wanted eggs, bacon, and cocoa. sadly i forgot my camera, so all i have is this phone pic of her with her delicious cocoa. she was very content.

we had a nice day as a family just relaxing. unfortunately there was some blasted winter weather, and we got our first snow (thankfully just in the mountains pretty much). i tried to stay positive for my child's sake. but i was missing boise weather that day.
so josh drove us up to the mountains, and she was pretty dang excited about seeing the snow, and very happy about being able to throw snow balls.
we didn't get to do the outdoor things we had planned, but thankfully a 3 year old doesn't really care and is willing to put those things off for a few days ;)

as i had mentioned, we took abigail to the Sweet Tooth Fairy to pick out a cupcake. again, very happy about her birthday dessert and the song.

and these next four pictures are a story...
we had had plenty of goodies, so we told abigail she could have a couple of bites, and then it was time for bed and she could have the rest the next day...
she enjoyed that bite...

and then she realized what was about to happen and protected that cupcake...

then realizing daddy was coming, she stuffed as much in her mouth as quickly as possible...

we were both impressed with the amount she was able to consume so quickly ;)

she is very happy about telling everyone she is 3 now and i think josh and i are still in disbelief of that fact. we are pretty wicked excited about her going to primary in january though and being a sunbeam! as well as 3 seems to be the age you can start getting them involved in certain activities, so that will be fun. she's adorable, she's happy, she's healthy, and she is a sweet angel whom we are completely infatuated and in love with. we are one lucky couple :)


  1. So adorable! It looks like she had a wonderful birthday. She makes such a cute Rapunzel. =) I LOVE the picture of her protecting her cupcake, that gave me a good laugh!

  2. SUCH CUTE HAIR!!!!! Looks like such a fun birthday!

  3. I am laughing out loud with tears in my eyes after the last few pictures. Seriously, I'm crying re-looking through them, that was awesome. :)

    I love the wig, what a great idea and how fun for Abigail.

    Glad she had a good birthday.

    It keeps getting better Meagan. You get to enjoy all the new stuff of a 3 year old, and re-do all the fun baby stuff in just a few or so weeks. :)

  4. It makes us so happy to see how happy you all are.
    She looks so cut in her long hair. Grandpa thought she had hat on until i pointed out the braid.
    Koen looks pretty happy that she shared her presents.

  5. I Love that wig, what a good idea. You should post a tutorial of how you made it.
    Silas is obsessed with Tangled as well. He is always talking about Flynn Ryder and Pascal(sp?).

  6. Shout out to your decorating and cupcakes! Hope you don't mind but I've been showing people these pics because not only is that wig fantastic (how much yarn is that anyways) but the picture of Abigail hoarding the cupcake is so classic.

  7. what a great birthday. and i'm with abigail...i LOVE tangled.


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